Gantor 6.9 Earthquake New Zealand Seddon

Gigantor 6.9 Earthquake  New Zealand Seddon 

Friday August 16 2013, 02:31:11 UTC 17 minutes ago Cook Strait, New Zealand 6.8 10.0 CSEM-EMSC Feed Detail
Friday August 16 2013, 02:31:07 UTC 18 minutes ago Cook Strait, New Zealand 6.8 10.0 USGS Feed


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Comment by Ian Williams on August 24, 2013 at 6:02

Sorry, "removed FROM the good evil paradigm of judgment." 

Comment by Ian Williams on August 24, 2013 at 5:59

Satan's purpose is not to get Mankind to worship him, but to worship themselves - to become self-obsessed, self involved and divided yet united, to become complete in themselves, the 666 self, instead of completed in Christ.  In Satan we become immersed in ourselves as gods, knowing both the good and the evil, but In God we become immersed in Him and removed for the good/evil paradigm of judgment.  The whole thing is coming full circle, back to the world empire of Babylon.

This is what I am given to see of what will happen here in the very near future.

Shearer will come back as UN “Disaster Tsar” when NZ comes under UN Mandate as part of OZ after the big Wellington Quake kills off most of the Parliamentarians, bureaucrats and the Civil Service.  When he said “Read my lips” he meant it – he knows things about the future of this nation which few do and his two dead fish was a midrash for morons, the larger being his right hand and the smaller in his left, but both DEAD FISH.  If you do not understand Kabbalah then you will not get this until the country is a stinking fetid mess of rotting corpses and dead fish.   And he and Key are on the same team and serve the same Crown and not the people.
Why do you think he scarpered out of the country for three weeks?  When Taupo blows, and when Wellington goes, and Auckland is a smouldering ruinous wasteland, and Christchurch is laid to waste and the Tsunami destroys much of the Eastern part of the city, and when Mighty River Power, and Manapouri, and the Waitaki scheme is destroyed by the Alpine Fault, and Rothschild Rio Tinto imposes the non-performance clause in its power supply contract, then this Nation that is not a Nation will be gone for all money and will become, as I have been given to understand it by the Ruach ha Kodesh; the Haiti of the South Pacific, and then the Southern Basin Oil and all the other incredibly rich resources will pass into the hands of the UN and Wall Street and ultimately the Rothschild Royal Axis of Evil.  But this will be a bridge too far for them and God will raise up an Army of Light to deal to the Armies of Assyria now arrayed against this nation, whose mandate to destroy and to lay waste is by reason of NZ’s whorish nature and its abandonment of God and His abandonment of it.


The Spirit of Parihaka will shroud this nation in deep sorrow such as never been known – many will die – I get at least a quarter of the population, and many will be injured, about the same again, such that barely half will be able to stand afterwards and most of them will be grovelling in the (volcanic) dust of the destruction of New Zealand.  Mark these words well and keep them for reference.  The People who have purposed to divide this land for spoil will themselves be divided and none shall escape the wrath to come.  But those whom God has purposed to stand through this shall do, and that by a revelation of His Spirit within them and by divine governance and guidance and the protection of the Angels. 


The salvation Of Israel shall come from the Great South Land of the Spirit – Aotea-roa. 


Treachery is the most venal of sins, and all those who deal treacherously shall themselves be be betrayed. 


It is not the GSCB that people should fear, but God’s revelation of what is sown in secrecy.

Erev Sukkoth - the eve of the Feast of Booths will be a key time - this year, even next and the one after.  2001 was the beginning of three seasons of 7yrs each - culminating in 2022 - the final half of the final 7yrs will be the Great Tribulation. 


The next big quake in Wellington is not the end of it – it is the prequel to the really big one which will really put NZ on the map and which will send a Tsunami to OZ, the precursor to the spiritual wave which will circle the globe. from the rising of the sun to the setting thereof, from the East unto West.
Then you will know why the Waitaha called this place the Waka of the Gods, and Aotea-roa, and why explorer Ferdinand de Quiros, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit called it the Great South Land of the Spirit - not Great as in size, but as in importance and impact, and this is why Satan is sifting this Nation and why it is also known as God's own country.  
Shearer is not "gone", he will be back, to fleece this nation for his masters.  God will deal with and to them all in His time, not ours. 
In the meantime should we rally 'round the Bradley or commiserate with Chelsea?  Apologies to Rage against the Machine.    As Bill Hicks said, "Its a ride folks - its all a ride".

Comment by Ian Williams on August 24, 2013 at 5:28

Experiments with HAARP go back to the very early 50's in Canterbury and the "identifying" of a "new" cloud type, Asperatus Undulatus, aka HAARP clouds.  The Halswell storm was an experiment - I remember when it happened getting that "Log this, you will not understand it until later" inner instruction.  At the time, the cloud looked like a serpent with forked lightening coming from its mouth. like an apparition of evil, which is exactly what it was.

In the ancient Hebraic mythology (the way in which truths are passed on as a consistent metaphor from generation to generation) there are three elemental forces - Leviathan, or religion, aka the Serpent of the Sea (Peoples), Behemoth, the Ox type Beast of Commerce (think Bull), and Ziz, the air dwelling demon Gryphon of (World) government.  Extrapolate these into the present, the now, and we have the existential framework of World Govt, World Commerce and World Religion, the unholy Trinity.  Their mythology further holds that a Messiah will come, Maryah, the Spirit Wind, to destroy these monsters and that the people of God will feed on the flesh of the vanquished world order.

Ziz, or Govt, is the Power of the Air which opposes the Spirit Wind Mariah, hence the obsession with Satanists to conquer and thus rule the heavens.   In the Westernised scriptures, this is know as the "Prince of the power of the air" but in the Ancient Aramaic as "Secular Governments".  Because Satan was "cast down" from heaven he rewrote his fame through the corrupted texts to present himself as some all powerful demonic deity ruling the atmosphere and so the obsession with the satanically minded to rule and to conquer the Power of the Air.

Properly understood, the hegemony of the heavens was wrested from Satan and he has spent 2000 or so years conniving to get it back but God still and always will have the highest aspect.  Part and parcel of achieving control was and is the rebuilding of Babylon and the tower to the heavens to exalt Man's knowledge above that of God and to cultivate a world harmony of direction and accord to enable and empower Satan - to restore his hegemony through insinuating himself in to the affairs of man wan thus crafting a hive mind consciousness to harvest faith energy through the principle of agreement.  In essence it does not matter so much what you believe but THAT you believe and that you allow others their own beliefs in an accord of "Man as his own God" - a society of Solipsists if you will, where each is Lord of his own life and destiny and crafter-creator, repairer, maintainer of their own tower.  When this apostasy is complete, so the confusion of Babylon will have been brought back together - order out of Chaos which is really Chaos in communion and collusion with Chaos, if that makes sense.   Its Universal language is Binary Code.  Its purpose is that all should have their own unique religion, their own inner govt of compliance, their own part in the greater commerce - all as One Hive - one bee-ing.  That is why we have a Masonically designed Beehive in Wellington, and also why it will be destroyed.  It is a mimicking of how God operates but instead of being submerged in ourselves, we become immersed in Him, having One Mind, which is the Mind of Christ.

This too is Christ and antichrist - spirit and flesh.  I said all that to lay a foundation for what comes next, which is a snap shot of the future of this country in relation to the world. 

Comment by Martin Harris on August 23, 2013 at 23:38

Anyone interested in a neat little presentation on how Over the Horizon Radar works? Note the similarity of the "Nostradamus" array in this clip to HAARP, Birdlings Flat etc.

Comment by Martin Harris on August 22, 2013 at 23:36

Replying to Karen's comments on Saturday (sorry, playing catch-up) I think you are confusing HAARP tomographic probing with Towed Array seismic reflection. Yes, I think both are used here. Anadarko's Aquila is an example of a ship towing a powerful airgun system to seismically map the seabed. You are correct, I believe, about chemtrails assisting HAARP, as when used in tomography mode, HAARP basically functions as an 'over the horizon radar' system, either bouncing it's beam off the ionosphere via a self-generated plasma-mirror, or via satelites. Chemtrails could provide a dielectric screen to enhance HAARP's effectiveness much like meteor trails. Skeptics claim aircraft-generated trails sit too low in the atmosphere, but they don't take into account photophoresis which tends to lift the nanoparticulates into the higher stratosphere (see the work of geoengineer David W. Kieth).

Sorry, that was probably more than you needed to know and a bit waffly

Comment by Martin Harris on August 22, 2013 at 23:18

Rose, regarding the radiation levels in Kaikoura and Chch: Any specifics about the kind of radiation we're talking about? Presumably something other than UVB

Comment by will ryan on August 22, 2013 at 21:43

For sure Rose. It is a deep deep rabbit hole!

Comment by rose on August 22, 2013 at 21:30

Keep diging will

Comment by will ryan on August 22, 2013 at 21:20

Ok guess it is best to keep to what we know for sure, rather than too much speculation. Only time will tell what is the real cause of such an increase in seismic and volcanic activity globally. Think the Geiger counter will be very useful after the latest discharge from Fukushima gets here. Many other possible sources as well...

Comment by rose on August 19, 2013 at 0:28

blah blah pole shift Will - wrong forum and certainly the wrong topic for this blog  get you Geiger counter over to Seddon and read the results - there some reality based action you could take my friend.

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