girl's skin care is always what makes us care

With all the girl's skin care is always what makes us care. By sitting for hours on the Internet looking for the best care and products for the skin. With the development of 4.0 technology, we can find hundreds of care products from different countries, especially from the Korean market. I myself am not the same price, I spend a lot of time for my skin care.
One of my good fortunes in traveling was to know Sandra Lanshin Chiu, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and herbal specialist specializing in skin rejuvenation treatment using Chinese medicine tools. After many hours of watching and checking my skin, she advised and explained the causes that led to the restriction of my skin. And finally, she introduced me to a great skin care treatment from her country. This therapy is named after the Chinese GUA SHA. The first time I heard it, people were like me pretty curious about it. But its effect makes me extremely surprised. I have been exposed to Sandra Lanshin Chiu on this skin. You will be fascinated to hear this therapy directly from her. But here I will also provide details on it through her guidance to me.
My first question is exactly Gua Sha?
After sticking with this therapy for 2 years, I also found some exact information that I wrote in detail in the article. What is Gua Sha Therapy – benefits and Side effects? Here I will generalize for you. It is an ancient technique of the Chinese people passed from generation to generation. Made with a flat hand instrument that enhances the health and vitality of the skin as a way to restore youthfulness, contours, and lifting, smoothing, de-congesting, de-puffing, and making. bright skin. According to ancient Chinese medicine, this therapy is usually made of natural jade, and the reason for using it is that you should refer to it: GUA SHA JADES.

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