a playlist with a growing number of contributors for 'chemtrail-videos' and similar visual documentation of weather modification and geoengineering all over the world.


dear collaborators! please feel free to add your videos of weather modification events (chemtrails, HAARP-technology patterns, sun dogs, man made clouds and so on...) which you captured on video. the list will keep the newest published clips on top so new stuff will appear on top of the playlist. All videos that have been recorded and uploaded on youtube within 2017 are welcome. Please also try to include a date of recording and if possible an appropriate location where the video was shot, if possible, somewhere in the video, the video title or the the description text of the video. the goal should be to reach more people from all over the world and to show that there is no more un-engineered weather anywhere on this planet. feel free to share the contributors link to channels with content that fit this playlist's topic and let us start filling it up with visual evidence and proofs of ongoing geoengineering programs everywhere all over the world. this link should lead you to the contributors page: looking forward to see the videos coming! #leavingtheherd

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