Help #SaveNaturalNews by signing this White House petition
Mike Adams

The extreme censorship assault against Natural News by Google continues...

In just one day, we've already received 40,000 signatures at this White House petition.

We need every single person reading this to sign the petition, share the link and spread the word. Our goal is 100K signatures as soon as possible.

Google has become a dangerous monopoly that's suppressing human knowledge. Its unlawful and politically motivated censorship must be stopped for the health and safety of all Americans.

Post and share these #SaveNaturalNews buttons to help spread the word.

We've also caught Google in major lies about why they censored Natural News. After they claimed they found an unapproved ad network running on 13 blog pages posted by an outside blogger, Google has now been caught red-handed running the exact same code on, their own blogger network.

Click here for the astonishing story and proof.

Another Natural News investigation found that webmaster guidelines violations by HuffPo, BuzzFeed, Forbes and CNN are ignored by Google, allowing those sites (and many others) to continue operating without pause while Natural News was singled out for site-wide censorship.

See the astonishing proof here.

You are witnessing a modern-day "high-tech lynching" being openly carried out by Google in total violation of the U.S. Constitution, fairness, business ethics and basic human decency.

Join the movement to #BoycottGoogle

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