Is it time to rethink why we celebrate Halloween?

Do you know who you serve when you celebrate this event?Few would pass up the opportunity to dress up and go from door to door with friends, where door steps are decorated with ghoulish candle filled pumpkins, spider webs and other things.  And to top it off, the reward of coming home with a bag of sweet delights - what more could a child want?

Supermarkets and shops have been well prepared for a few weeks with all the paraphernalia and sweets to target children and parents with scary items for children - some made with cute smiley faces for the little ones, but for the older children and teens the items and outfits become more macabre affair.

Of course the average punter has no idea what they are really celebrating, and view it as a bit of harmless scary fun.  But beware, the watered down western version that we dish up for children is only loosely based on the original evil celebration, but nice enough to be acceptable to parents in general. 

Let’s get real and think this through. October 31 is STILL the most important day in the satanic year.

According to this website - Samhain, known most popularly as Halloween, marks the end of the third and final harvest, is a day to commune with and remember the dead, and is a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation. Samhain is the most coveted sabbat by the Wiccan (and many Pagan) religions. 

While Halloween masquerades as childish fun and frolic, it’s serious business in the occult world. Witchcraft, Wicca, Satanism and paganism believe, on the night of Halloween, devils and spirits are unleashed. Today they still perform their most hideous and potent rituals on the night of Halloween.

If you’ve been lullabied by the Westernised gospel of Halloween, WAKE UP. I wondered how many parents would let their children partake of Halloween if they knew its sinister history. 

In Celtic times Druid priest’s visited homes and yelled “trick or treat”.  The household was expected to hand over a member from their household for human sacrifice to be protected from evil spirits.  If the family obliged, one of these lanterns filled with human fat was set alight and left on the doorsteps for protection from evil spirits. If the household refused the priests painted a hexagram in human blood on their door which summoned demons to their household.  Usually someone would die after that.

Dressing up came from people masquerading as evil spirits and ghosts hoping to blend in and protect themselves from roaming spirits because the veil between reality and the spiritual world was considered thinnest on this night. People dressed up in animal skins and animals heads as they watched animals or people being sacrificed, screaming in agony?     History of Halloween

In America, many folks do not know that the Founding Fathers forbade Halloween.  It was not celebrated until the 1900’s when Irish immigrants brought it over.  Something once forbidden has now become part of our culture.

It is now the second most important holiday in the USA, after Christmas.

Halloween – a celebration of darkness and Death. Christmas – a celebration of Jesus birthday and life.

Please take the time to rethink this evil custom. We have been tricked by the treats Guns and Roses - Sympathy for the devil.

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Comment by Fiona Hansen on November 2, 2016 at 15:02

I know what you mean Jennifer. I felt like a real party pooper locking our gate, when they don't understand why (the local meanies?).

This year I made a flyer of the above with the first picture at the top, folded them and put them sticking out of an envelope stuck onto our letter box. I drew a smiley face and a note saying "please take one" - and a couple of people did. Yay!

This custom is so entrenched into our society now that I feel like a lone ranger speaking up on this one. Just watched this last night. It gives a great breakdown and how the Illuminati are involved etc. Check it out.

Comment by Jennifer Goddard on November 2, 2016 at 9:46

I knew it was all about worshiping the devil, and am amazed how many people and children really have no idea at all what they are hooked into.

Now in our part of the country in the UK, they put lanterns on the doorstep so that the children only go to these houses.

Just to be on the safe side, I locked my gate last night, so as to not encourage them. I so wanted to tell my neighbour across the road, who's young children where dressing up  for the event, but could not do it, as the young children were with her and telling me all about their outfits.

Comment by Nym on November 2, 2016 at 8:49

Wolf says Halloween is used by bankers as 'savings Day', something 99.9% of the populace has no clue about.

Comment by Fiona Hansen on October 31, 2016 at 20:04

Yes Ant, the conditioning starts young. It all seems so cool to be a bit scared, however some kids do become very fearful as a result. Later on teens can be trapped by evil computer games and more.

Believe me I know all about it. I had a fascination for witches from childhood that led to Ouija boards and the occult etc later on. It was only when I had a few nasty demonic visitations in my late teens, that I realised these forces are real and should not be played with.

We live in a spiritual war - good versus evil. What we see in reality as manifestations of evil, exists also in the unseen realm. And vice versa, all that is good and right in reality, has a spiritual counterpart. 

Comment by Ant on October 31, 2016 at 19:43

The treats being the cover story and trap to involve the young in this heinous satanist ceremony.

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