For many years, I have nicknamed Monsanto 'the Monsteranto' as time and again, the products it has produced have caused decimation to Earth.  As the use of glyphosate has increased massively in the US with the planting of genetically modified crops designed to handle massive amounts of this toxic herbicide, and these studies linking it to breast and testicular cancer, it's use has to stop.  Dr. Mercola has an article on research done by Dr. Samsel who had requested the EPA's documentation for the approval process for glyphosate-which was registered for use in 1983.  

"I asked EPA, as a research scientist, to be able to access those documents in my research. I was denied by the Environmental Protection Agency, initially," he says. "It finally took Senator Shaheen's office, here in New Hampshire, to move the EPA... They sent [the documents] to me on a disc. I had to sign for them. I was also told that I could not share them with foreign nationals under a penalty of law...

However, I've been going through 12 to 14 of these documents in the file. They represent thousands and thousands of pages of data on studies that were done on laboratory animals. What amazed me was that Monsanto knew in 1981 that glyphosate caused adenomas and carcinomas in the rats that they've studied... The highest incidence of tumorigenic growth occurred in the pituitary gland... the second highest levels were in the breasts of the female rats, in the mammary glands... Thirdly, the next highest tumorigenic growth was found in the testicles of male rats.."


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