My Band, the 5 O'clocks Crowdfunding campaign

Hello all, I know I have not been around much, but it doesn't mean Im not reading everything!  Attempting to get well from a bio weapon like Morgellons, Lyme and mite infestation is new emerging illness. I'm on the cutting edge, helping many who call me out of the blue. Like many here help others... We are still alive <3 and live well. Oddly, reading a what is posted in this community makes the symptoms worse. Have no doubt this is by design. Anyway... my band is releasing our new CD. Click here to check out the project: Click this link .  A new mix of "Small Girl in a Mighty World" is the 2nd track about Morgellons and Chemtrails. Currently, to help print it up, we are running an advance purchase campaign on IndieGoGo. Kindly donate here and get a perk. We will ship anywhere in the world. Love you all so much. You have been a rock for me. Campaign ends 6/21. I am in deep gratitude.

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