An investigation  into the possibility that Nano-fibres behave as “Nano-Blenders” within plant & animal structures due to the effects of electromagnetic radiation (both abundant in the modern environment.) This idea was drawn from the experience of a long deceased uncle, an engineer who built early crystal radios. He was a much loved mentor.

Please note because this is a work in progress, additional links & images are used to support the ideas I express.




Fibres or particles of  fibre glass, asbestos, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide or similar insoluble crystalline structures vibrate in situ, when subjected to various frequencies of EM radiation, causing them to behave as “Nano-Blenders”. 

When these particles are within the body, the injury to the surrounding cell structures by the homogenizing of their adjacent material provides a medium for overgrowth of various pre-curser elements of cancers and other diseases.


The speculated sensitivity of the fibres/particles to vibration/spin/rotation induced by electromagnetic fields seems to induce a polarity particularly in the asbestos fibre.

This seems to be evident when one examines some classical images for partial or complete farraginous bodies, which form around asbestos fibres.


  1. Where it is possible to imagine the homogenization of cells at either end of the asbestos fibre

False-col SEM of lung macrophages in asbestosis (this image is recent 7/11/2012. It supports my original idea). When the macrophages rush to protect the body from the asbestos fibre, they are preoccupied with this task, leaving the body relatively under protected from candida.


  1. The ferruginous bodies which forms around asbestos fibres would seem visually to support this theory along with the possibility that a polarization seems to develop attracting the homogenized particulate of shredded cellular material to the opposite poles of each asbestos fibre.(proviso: that the particulate is magnetic). Further the image seems to suggest the possibility a magnetic polar reversal at regular intervals along the length of the fibre.


  1. Resulting in the classical image of a farraginous body. (Ie. from the shredding of hemoglobin). A Ferruginous Body — NEJM (this image is a recent addition 7/11/2012)


  1. Other homogenized cells may contain other non-magnetic material, and may behave differently resulting in the banding seen in various positions along the length of farraginous bodies.


  1. Further the spin I am postulating seems to be evident in the image from Dr. Ed Friedlander’s website.

This is the original image I found, that seemed to support my thesis.

The needle in the hay stack so to speak. Where the ends of the asbestos fibre would seem to be cutting holes in the adjoining material or cell structure. . The rings or hoops around the fibre, in the above example would suggest the homogenizing of macrophages. (As seen in fig 1. but sometime later in the process)

As opposed to the shredding of hemoglobin which would leave ferritin particles to be attracted to the polar opposites of the fibre as in traditional dumb bell style of farraginous bodies.


A suggested test of my “Nano-Blenders” proposition may be as follows


  1. Various fibers are suspended in gelatin/agar (density to replicate various organs within the body)


  1. These samples are subjected to various electromagnetic fields and viewed with a video recording electron microscope.


  1. Any spin, rotation or induced deformation may be noted and assessed for the potential to homogenize surrounding material.




Since I started my wide reading around this area, I found additional information which has a bearing on my proposition, as there is a growing concern among researchers that NP’s of Titanium dioxide may be the cause of many diseases.


Is Titanium dioxide implicated in precursor elements of stomach cancer?


Nano-particles implicated in the rise of childhood asthma.


Thermal vibration on carbon Nano-tubes (fig 6)


Nano- Particles cause brain injury in Fish         



Are Nano-particles responsible for stimulating auditory nerves resulting in Tinnitus?

As NPs are implicated as causative agents in many cancers and many cancer patients suffer from Tinnitus.


Recent research has implicated damage to the cochlear by Titanium dioxide.




The only difference over conventional Q&A of exiting texts is the inclusion of   image examination, image sequencing techniques. All images reviewed are in the public domain. For example we may have an image answer, but not the corresponding question to complete our understanding.


Cause and Effect Analysis.


It is always easier in cause and effect analysis to find the promulgator of a problem when the timescale between the cause and the effect is of short duration.


It becomes immensely difficult to sort out the cause when a long time scale has added more detritus to the puzzle. Not impossible but immensely difficult.


If you keep asking questions the following overview on how Titanium Dioxide causes these problems is to be found in published material.


Collectively it supports the framework of my argument.


Agglomeration Titanium dioxide leads to the clumping together of material in organs.


Bio-accumulation of Titanium dioxide impairs the function of macrophages thus compromising the body’s ability to excrete toxins and Nano-particles.


Chemical Poisoning (I use this term advisedly for I regard Tio2 as a long latency poison). The early biomarkers of Titanium dioxide poisoning are asthma, weight gain and obesity.!d...


Dysfunction of Bio-electrical systems. It would be easy to imagine electrical shortages being created due to the Para-magnetic properties of various Nano-Particles of Titanium Dioxide.


Excoriation of cells in digestive tract leading to damage to microvillus, the depopulation of normal intestinal flora thus causing IBS, Crohn’s Ulcerative Colon and later Colon Cancer.


Titanium dioxide excoriation also damages structures of the eye leading to cataracts and macular degeneration.


Nanoparticles increase the probability of infection


Further the spin of Nano particles may have the potential to create electrical charges which could be discharged as Micro lightning, damaging DNA, mitochondria and other cell structures.

I believe we will come to understand that Arthrosclerosis and plaques are formed by the continued excoriation of blood vessels by insoluble Nano-particles, this leads to micro-hemorrhage.

Thus plaque formation is simply an attempt by the body to repair blood vessels from this continuing assault.


Further impregnation of Nano–Particles in say coronary arteries or major blood vessels in the brain, may lead to other NP assaults.


For it would be easy to imagine electrical shortages being created due to the Para-magnetic properties of various Nano-Particles.


Hence I believe we may be looking at CVA’S and Heart Attacks to add to our growing list of concerns.


Insoluble crystalline Nano-particles affect the normal functional clearance of the body by macrophages. This leads to bio-accumulation of toxins, nanoparticles and other material.    Before the onset of various disorders early bio-markers are weight gain, obesity and allergies.


Finally, my Spin theory may be another way of describing the function of reactive oxygen species as has been cited in many research papers. However I will leave a judgement call to other researchers as their resources may be greater than mine.


If the NPs are indeed spinning they may have the potential to create charges which attract, hold and discharge other particles.

The discharge may be accompanied by micro arcing, this may cause DNA strand breaks or changes to gene encoding in surrounding cells, thus setting in train a disease process.


Rob Watson



Additional Background


Long before I had this article published 


I had been sharing my thesis with many doctors and scientists.     

I have been trying to gain attention to the immense toxicity of titanium dioxide in food as currently insists. Over 100 major diseases are attributed in the scientific literature as being caused by titanium dioxide.!d...


 Particle interactions with Electro Magnetic Forces


Finally we must ask, if we are motivated by filial concern or reward.



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Comment by Barbara G Dailey on March 11, 2018 at 10:14

A friend used to exclaim, "Well, I be go to hell!" Sometimes I think we all be in hell's waiting-room right now. This article has scratched a scab off another mad scientist, corruption filled pocket of "we don't give a damn and we ain't got no scruples" on part of the elite. I always feel there is something more, deeper, bigger, darker that I haven't grasped yet. Back to ganging up to burn down the MadScience Lab. 

Comment by deanna munson on March 10, 2018 at 17:07

yeah and they like putting titanium  dioxide in all those fancy coffee creamers i see so many people dumping in their coffee ..its used as a whitener in so many food products ...its in the implantable dentures ,one of the reasons i assume theyre making traditional dentures so crappy any more : to get people to let them put those titanium posts in their jaw to hold the nifty new implant dentures ...they use it for hip replacements ..titanium dioxide is in so many things 

Comment by deanna munson on March 10, 2018 at 16:59

yup ...i have definitely considered these possibilities ..i think they are amalgamating and mutating all life forms on this planet ...saw a video along time ago ,dont remember if it was discovery channel or animal planet or what ..but it was a scientist or whatever transmitting data from one species egg to another ,like made a reptile from a duck or something ? i cant rememebr ,but he passed the laser through one egg ,and then the other ,and what was supposed to come out with scales came out with feathers and a duck bill i think ? i dont remember ..but theres literally nothing that cant be done with frequency ..i am not enducated on lasers and digital transfer but i do know everything is the result of an electrochemical transmission of some kind ...acoustics can change things also ...anyway ,just scrolled through the above ,cant take too much in at a time ,it just panics me on such a deep level ...i just cant get over the shock ...just 10 years ago ,i knew much of things were corrupt ,especially in high places ,and that most of what people took for true was just a huge lie ...but never in a million years would i have come close to thinking it was as bad and twisted and scary as it truly is now ...never thought any faction was truly bent on destroying /corrupting literally all of life on earth like they are...and thats just the stuff we know about so far ...gotta hope there really are some beings of the opposite polarity to balance out the horror ... nothing they base science on ,research ,whatnot ..if it never took in account the manmade electrical surroundings theres just no accurate results to be had ...that goes for carbon datin ,and disease process ,all of mental health ....biology ,microbiology ...everything ...i cry like a little kid ..i  just want to wake up from this nightmare and go home ...this is a good piece of work though ,glad i am not the only one who has considered all these things ...makes me feel so insane ,and then worse when i find confirmation...the math is all here 

Comment by Linda Joy Adams on March 8, 2018 at 14:06



Comment by Linda Joy Adams on March 8, 2018 at 14:01

 No safe medicates for 20 million of us 40% of NON ALLERGIC asthamtics alteady and thst is just the chmicals that seem to sually be the same coomen ones that should not be used etc. ... but now add this and your article indictes it may exacerbate our asthmas too..  The cabal in control of health  world wide now and accountale to no real govt in the USA since 2002 by law  we have an FDA which has to gake the erbal word for the contracots what is fact and my goup has been exlcluded form clnidal trials and food studies since the first Gulf war veterans came home in 1990 or they would have been paid and some chemical copnies suied for unsafe products the miliarty bouthbt than got heated up in the fires.. About 6 of us were already a type of medical precident and since then its been a coniuur fight for survival .. I am literally titrating pills trwice a day in my kitcen to gt dows ester alchohols out of them and since 2014 the pharmaceutical compnes haave a disclaimier now on their packge inserts that THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS ADDED TO THE MEDICATIONS. ITHER and one cannot no longer call and list the cemials hey have to avoid and b told yes or now which my doctors have had me do for nearly 20 years. WHY WOULD ONE ADD AN INFLAMAER TO A MEDICATION THAT ALL USED TO TAKE THEOPHYLLINE THAT CAUSES INFLAMMATION TO THE DNA LEVEL AND THEN CAUSE DOCTORS TO NOT EVEN PRESCRIBE A MIRACLE DRUG WHIcH ONLY TEBA OUR OR JERUSALEM MADE AND FDA HAS FOUGHT THEM ON WORK SITE FOR 4 YEARS NOW AS THEY MADE THE ONLY SAFE ONE.. FOR ME. AND OTHERS. Linda Joy Adams  

Comment by Sarah Hornibrooke on March 8, 2018 at 9:27

This is every where, covering our paper, in soap , cosmetics, paint, sunscreen ...and this is what we are told. Its a hard road to expose and change something so embedded in in daily lives. Thank you for the post Robin.

Comment by Robin D P Watson on March 8, 2018 at 0:45

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