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Comment by Charming Anarchist yesterday

home water distiller ->  $100 


All water filters that remove atrazine

Below are all water filters that have been certified to remove atrazine. For more information on these and other filters, see EWG's online water filter buying guide.

EWG fully supports consumers buying water filters from retailers of their choice. In each of the product pages below, for your convenience, we feature a retailer that sells the filter/s that meet your criteria, including small businesses, water filter companies' official websites and Amazon. EWG is not associated with the manufacturer or distributor of any of these products. However, we participate in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive small donations for purchases made on Amazon through our website link.

Note: EWG obtained product pricing information between January and July 2017 from retailers and manufacturers' websites, and we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of product prices on this page.

Comment by Rhonda Reichel on Thursday


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