Please sign our petition to keep Horowhenua NZ's Community Housing - they are giving the elderly the flick - AGENDA 21

It'd be much appreciated if you would sign our petition for council to keep our community housing. The previous Mayor here was for the sale & put the action in motion, however our newly elected Mayor Michael Feyen has always been & continues to be in support of retaining them. As per the usual mantra up & down the land & globally even, they are selling up to pay the debt (THEY CREATED - AGENDA 21) ... we need to make a noise about this because the council that remains, in spite of the new leadership, is still voting in favour of flicking them. There's historically been some dodgy goings on in our council.  Anyway here is the petition:

To: Horowhenua District Council

Stop the Sale of Horowhenua's Community Housing

Campaign created by
Pam Vernon EnvirowatchHorowhenua/Rangitikei
Stop the Sale of Horowhenua's Community Housing

FROM THE NEW MAYOR, MICHAEL FEYEN who is in support of keeping our housing stock:“I support retaining community housing and obtaining the housing nz stock as well. HDC, iwi And Grey Power could form a trust or lease agreement:) HLC could conduct apprenticeships around building, plumbing, electrician, painters, etc to maintain and upgrade the increased housing stock. Great potential for HDC employment and community, with a business case:) I trust this petition gets support as it is vital for our districts future that we have affordable housing.”   


The Horowhenua District Council is tendering our stock of community housing for sale to an alternative community housing provider. Grey Power however, believes that provision of affordable housing must remain a core activity for central and local government…"The proposal to sell pensioner housing, a key determinant of community wellbeing, is a direct antithesis to community wellbeing”.

We also see the withdrawal of affordable housing for the elderly and disabled as a backward step especially in light of growing homelessness in our country. We believe that in the longer term, an alternative provider will place economic factors above caring for the elderly and therefore request that they halt the tendering of these properties for sale.

Why is this important?

In April this year the Horowhenua District Council announced it was tendering their stock of community housing for sale to an alternative community housing provider.

The justification given by councils NZ wide, including, Horowhenua, to cease providing housing, has been that Government withdrew its responsibility in this respect (including funding) some time back.

HDC insist they’ve identified that "the 'most sustainable' way forward for delivering pensioner housing was to transfer the stock and the responsibility to a housing provider that had the focus and resources to respond to the housing needs of the district.” At the same time they say they "… want to ensure that community housing in Horowhenua remains accessible and affordable, and is also connected to services that enhance social connectedness and wellbeing."

Horowhenua’s Grey Power however, disagrees saying it is their belief that provision of 


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Comment by Danielle on November 9, 2016 at 10:14

THank you Rose. Yes they're selling our houses as well from here down to Hutt/wgtn I believe! INsane insane. Fed up to the gills also. People are protesting though. We plan to protest. Everyone fed up to the gills & waking up. xxx

Comment by rose on November 8, 2016 at 17:53

I went back to Kaikoura  last Week Danielle - and they are selling the housing corp homes there - THERE IS A HOUSING CRISES IN CANTERBURY

Signed, shared and and thanks for making folk aware.

Personally I'm fed up to the gills with this prick - seriously had enough of his BULLSHIT. 

Comment by Danielle on November 7, 2016 at 14:55

Thanks RC   Awesome. x

Comment by Rainbow Cat on November 7, 2016 at 14:03


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