Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

As seen in my previous article, US military power is on the decline, and the effects are palpable. In a world full of conflicts brought on by Washington, the economic and financial shifts that are occurring are for many countries a long-awaited and welcome development.

"This continued use of the dollar has had some devastating effects on the globe. First of all, the intense use of the American currency, coupled with Nixon’s decisions, created an economic standard based on the dollar that soon replaced precious metals like gold, which had been the standard for the global economy for centuries. This has led to major instability and to economic systems that have in the proceeding years created disastrous financial policies, as seen in 2000 and 2008, for example. The main source of economic reliability transferred from gold to dollars, specifically to US treasury bills. This major shift allowed the Federal Reserve to print dollars practically without limit (as seen in recent years with interests rates for borrowing money from the FED at around 0%), well aware that the demand for dollars would never cease, this also keeping alive huge sectors of private and public enterprises (such as the fracking industry) due to the availability of FREE money. This set a course for a global economic system based on financial instruments like derivatives and other securities instead of real, tangible goods like gold. In doing this for its own benefit, the US has created the conditions for a new financial bubble that could even bring down the entire world economy when it bursts."

What these guys are doing is what every body needs to be working towards privately also: 

Hastening the demise of the Criminally Fraudulent (Western?) Financial system by consciously avoiding its use.

This has several beneficial consequences even for the individual:

Less dependence on "free" money therefore drastically reducing the level of control Governments have over you i.e. rendering obsolete any suggestion of "Forced" Vaccinations.

Reduced ability for Governments to spend YOUR tax dollars on schemes which ultimately poison the environment and YOU i.e. "Chemtrails" or as in NZ 1080 poison drops.

Less ability for Governments to use Economically Damaging Legislation against the populace in Favour of Corporate interests i.e. banning a prevailing industry like Conventional Cars or Lightbulbs and forcing you to buy the alternative instead of letting markets and common sense do the job, effectively forcing YOU to pay for the change.

SAVING your wealth from the inevitable collapse, or forced "Reinvestment" of your "Money" into such things as SDR's at an exchange rate of 10:1, since you would be "Deinvested" just like the "Elite". 

This tactic is even more important/beneficial in small countries like NZ which being resource rich can help itself and also vastly restore the Pride and Faith of the population in ITSELF.

Contrary to popular belief this is not hard to do; a consistent conversion of all disposable income into Physical Silver (Silver Fern 1OZ Coins in NZ) is all that is required for the average Human. Working towards not buying THIER CRAP PRODUCTS in favour of even more conversion is also desirable.

If done by enough people this action is very DEFLATIONARY thereby popping all bubbles (which is inevitable anyway) ruining the "banks" and leaving YOU in control with REAL wealth.

Right, thats my bit for my fellow MAN but don't take my word for it; SEE what IS happening and REINFORCE it, Do it to them before they do it to you.

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