Protocol To Detox Internally and Externally From Nanotech in Chemtrails

Particle Expulsion Self Treatment

Thank you Ja B for the ‘Lookoutfa Charlie’ video below, which clearly defines technology infecting every human. This fungal infection a.k.a. Morgellons, forms a bio-film invisible to the naked eye that grows over all our skin. It’s gooey, so airborne particles stick to the film forming layers upon layers, over the years, that do not wash off in the shower.

Using a strong magnifying glass or microscope you’ll see an assortment of blue and red specs, white fibers like fiberglass, black wiry fibers, and quartz like grains of sand on the skin.

Here is the PROTOCOL to remove all layers from your skin and the technology from your body, which acts like a radio antenna transmitting and receiving radio waves. The protocol in the video is documented in detail at the end ‘OUTSIDE YOUR BODY’.

If the possibility frightens you, think critically about how the beings behind this program might use this technology against humans in the future. For proof of infection suggest individuals do the wine-peroxide mouth rinse test.

Lookoutfa Charlie

Published on Jan 13, 2017

7:00 mins: My point is that you are the antenna. You are the radio with the antenna. That’s why you’re feeling the jolts, the vibrations, symptoms you feel on your skin, in your body, the pain, voice to skull V2K or audio harassment. It’s just a radio station and let me say this again. I had every single symptom listed under electronic harassment, the vibrations, the jolts, the feelings of electricity going through you, everything, every single one. I no longer have the symptoms.

8:18 mins: I don’t have the symptoms anymore because I broke down the stuff and got it off my skin. It’s gone and if I stop treating myself it may slowly creep back. I call it a tipping point. I think everybody has this on them to some degree. Certain people get it worse. When it hits a certain percentage on your body and the layers build up then you start feeling the effects of electronic harassment.

11:53 mins: You can end all the symptoms by treating yourself, treating your skin, and purging yourself of heavy metals. More than two metals in the body create a battery. Look it up.

12:28 mins: In another video I mentioned seeing targets in my eyes. Other people in my family also have them in their eyes, either on the lens or in the fluid of their eyes where you can see perfectly shaped bullseye or target shapes inside the eye or in the fluid. I used a microscope and you can also do it with a jeweler’s loupe if you do it properly. This is one more common symptom and proof. The more that common symptoms show up, the more of a problem the people running this program are going to have to face.

21:54 mins PROTOCOL begins
None of this stuff is optional. You need all of it. If you pick and choose, or think you don’t need this, it’s not going to work, and it’s not going to work as fast.

32:35 mins: The goal is to kill off this fungus, this mix of Candida and Sporotrichosis that is hurting the skin. It’s growing a type of bio-film on the skin and or it’s tricking the skin into believing it’s burned or hurt so that it creates this scab like material over the skin. You want to kill that off, you want to chelate your body and cleanse the body of heavy metals. It is imperative that you start taking these things internally to combat this, and constantly combat this, and this is the way to do it, and I’ve done it. I’m telling you. I’m not selling anything. I’m telling you 100% that all the sensations I felt before are gone. We know, I know, you know, my dog knows that anybody who is in this program does not get out of the program. When you’re hit with this stuff generally you feel it for the rest of your life.

34:01 mins: This technology is so different. It’s such a different game than what has been promoted and pumped by different people, and that’s why they’re laughing their asses off because people have over thought it, and come up with these grandiose schemes that sound absolutely crazy but when you break it down, look at it, keep it simple, and look at it rationally, this is what makes the most sense. This isn’t a theory. I’ve done it. I’ve proved it. I tried it. It works and I’m trying to help you.

40:35 mins: Refined sugar makes the fungal infection go into overdrive. Cut it out of your diet.



*Protocol PALMOLIVE antibacterial dish soap in Canada – Ingredients Yellow 5 and Red 40 contain benzidene, a human and animal carcinogen permitted in low, presumably safe levels in dyes
Suggest wearing gloves to wash dishes

From Doreen
I’d like to believe the 3 global meditations Nov 2017 have something to do with Ja B posting this information for us. Now it’s up to us to share it with others so they can take care of themselves and loved ones.

If you know individuals who are targeted send it to them also. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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