Special Edition: The Final Battle Between False Light and Pure Light

Natural Law

No law enforcement, despite moral depravity, social injustice, genocide, child sex trafficking, fraud, eco-terrorism across the skies, oceans and land, debt slavery, escalating censorship, bio-terrorism 5G InternetOfThings [IoT] and other harmful technology, SIGNAL something BIG is up planet wide.

Mark Passio regarding Natural Law: As morality increases in the aggregate of any given population of souls that society’s collective freedom will also increase. Conversely, as any society’s aggregate morality declines that society’s freedom will proportionately decline.

Clearly this is what we are witnessing and can only worsen under globalization, if humans are herded into e-city prisons; surveillance states with no rights and no privacy.

End times

It is perceived that the fallen one shares his loot with no one. This suggest that globalists have also been lied to because their ability to split, manipulate and control energy was cut off by Infinite Creator in 2009. This explains why they plan to hand everything over to artificial intelligence.


Transcript in my 06.22.18 Blog, provides back story on the cabal being cut off and relying on technology to stay in control.  https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/the-end-of-satan...

15:54 mins A. Rosner You’ve discovered GROUNDHOG DAY is real!

Doreen A: I told Nicole I have a very close personal friend and while I was on the phone sharing what I had learned from Nicole about the cabal being cut off, Judy said ‘Oh there’s an animal in my backyard” and I asked ‘What is it?” because I figured it was a message. Judy said “It looks like a beaver without a tail” so I Googled images of a groundhog and sent it to her asking ‘Is this it?’ and Judy said ‘Yes” and I said ‘OMG IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!’

June 12, 2018 The Messenger

Nicole L: Yes, it’s GROUNDHOG DAY. Well now, let’s tell them okay? Karmically you’re saying that you’re allowed to kill everybody to make us realize more of how we have to depend on each other, and that our decisions affect the rest of humanity but we already knew this before we got here.

Doreen A: We should move forward with the GROUNDHOG OPTION up against the Samson Option.

June 24 as I was writing this Blog Nicole sent the following:

Decision time: the way out is within

Everyone [people and globalists] must choose between the false light of Lucifer that has infiltrated every religion, government, corporations, institutions, universities, schools, all facets of life on planet Earth, and the Pure Light of Infinite Creator in our hearts.

To simplify the magnitude of now, I assembled key elements related to the Power Shift in 'consent' including silence which is implied consent, a simple, peaceful, legal REMEDY that pulls us back from the cliff [globalization, e-city prisons, no human rights or privacy, transhumanism], how to retrieve FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY from de facto governments at all levels and return it to the people, retrieve our Souls and countries. Learn more at http://freetobewealthy.net/testimonials/index.php

I ask that you share the link or elements on the page. Share the information in your own way. What matters is that we get the word out.

Honor you

If you will, ponder present reality and give thanks. Your Soul chose ‘you’ to be here now during these end times with freewill to self realize, self govern and self empower freedom for us and our home planet.


No one knows what lies ahead.

What we do know is the Power of human consent creates reality, and when humans willingly pull together all things are possible.

May HUman fully potentialize this ‘rare’ opportUNITY

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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