Statement of Claim Against Canadian Government Nov 30.18

Official Public Record

Lawful, peaceful, and transparent, the following Statement of Claim is subsequent to a Moratorium [link below] issued Nov 16.18 to the Canadian Governor General, Attorney General, and Premiers who chose not to respond. Hence, on Nov 30, 2018 a Statement of Claim was filed in Federal Court against the Canadian government by CPU Inc. on behalf of the Canadian people. Excerpts are posted below along with a link to the PDF.

Britain freed Canada in 1931 now it’s time to free ourselves

The Canadian government is de facto [illegitimate] because the Statute of Westminster freed Canada from Britain in 1931, empowering Canadians to choose their type of preferred governance. Martial law was declared to ensure good governance and prevent insurgence until Canadians were in agreement except that Canadians were never informed. Instead the Canadian government established a representative democracy where they make the decisions, instead of Canadians in a pure direct democracy. Martial law is still in place. Under martial law the prime minister has complete power to do as he pleases.

Silence is broken

Silence, by Maxim of Law is agreement. Silence in Canada has now been broken through a lawful, peaceful process. Now it’s up to every Canadian to raise their awareness, pull together to take back final decision making authority from de facto governments, freedom and more:

Excerpts provided by page. Statement of Claim PDF below.

Excerpt page 1

Whereas; The Canadian people, the citizens, derive their Sovereign lawful authority and democratic rights from:

  1. The Statute of Westminster 1931,
  2. The General Assembly’s 1960 resolution 1514 (XV) — containing the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples and the principle of self-determination through the free and genuine expression of the will of the peoples of the territory,
  3. The International Court of Justice advisory opinion issued the October 16, 1975- disqualifying Terra Nullius,
  4. The Canadian Constitution 1982.

Excerpt page 2

Therefore; It is obvious that all levels of Canadian governance since 1982, and the Courts of Justice:

  1. have not acted in the best interest of the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, and the Indigenous Nations,
  1. have committed acts of misfeasance and malfeasance and nonfeasance against the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, in order to act “ULTRA VIRES”,
  2. have continued to instill the de facto misrepresentation within the Canadian Constitution upon the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, leaving them with no lawful or legal recourse for protection against their own governing bodies under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Constitution of Canada and its Criminal Code.

Excerpt page 3

The Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, have been left politically uneducated, and misled notwithstanding the education materials provided by the Canadian government in teaching the Canadian children that “in Canada, the citizens make decisions together”. However, what is not taught is that the only decision the citizens can make together is to vote in political elections for a political party to form a government to govern over them as per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, without true legitimate recourse by the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, to implement their rights to:

  1. final decision making authority,
  2. one hundred percent veto power,
  3. direct democracy rights to referendums on all issues affecting Canadians, our governance and the country.

Excerpt page 4

Therefore; We the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, were and are left with no other recourse to instill true justice in the protection of our country and our rights as the official co-owners, shareholders of the Crown within our governments, political system and justice system, since we cannot sue ourselves for our rights, and that the Canadian Ministers, Attorney General and the courts are in conflict of interest as being part of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of the Canadian Government, accused of usurpation and acting “ULTRA VIRES “, we have had to create and incorporate a not for profit corporation as “The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017 INC. as representatives of our Union and its members being the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, and co-owners, shareholders of the Crown of Canada, the Corporation Sole, and the Crown Corporation of Canada in order to lawfully move forward within our rights.

Excerpt page 5

Whereas; The Governor General is to also immediately proceed to enforce appropriate changes in the wording within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution, to reflect the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, and to immediately launch criminal investigations on behalf of the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, they represent within all levels of governance that have jeopardized the well being of all Canadians and Indigenous Nations, until the Canadian people and Indigenous Nations have given their majority consent to either accept or refute all present and future proposed laws or agreements as follows:

6. End National, Provincial and International Public Private Partnerships (P3’s or PPP),

9. Suspend all United Nations Agreements with Canada, whether binding or non binding until the Canadian people, the citizens and Indigenous Nations both as Sovereigns have given their majority consent to either accept or refute all proposed laws or agreements such as: The United Nations Global Compact in its entirety and specifically, the UN Global Compact for Migration.*

Excerpt page 6

Therefore; It is imperative that the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns, and co-owners, shareholders of the Crown of Canada, its Corporation Sole along with the Indigenous Nations across Canada, take immediate lawful and peaceful action to stop the usurpation of the country, and rights from being eroded and removed by various levels of Canadian governance, in order to protect the country and its assets, finances and resources belonging to the Canadian people, the citizens, as the Sovereigns.

Statement of Claim PDF

Statement of Claim detailed by Nicole Lebrasseur – educational

*UN Global Compact for Migration is Bad News for Canada

The Compact contains concerning language that could dictate to media how to report on the migration crisis, with penalties for those who put forward critical perspectives of the issue.



Malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance are terms that have legal implications. We will examine the difference between the words malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Malfeasance is a wrongful or criminal act perpetrated by a public official or other person of authority. An act of malfeasance is done intentionally, disregarding the fact that the action is morally or legally wrong and will cause someone harm. The adjective form is malfeasant. The word malfeasance is derived from the French word malfaisance, which means wrongdoing.

Misfeasance is a an act that lawful, but performed in an unlawful, illegal or injurious manner. Generally, misfeasance is different from malfeasance in that the actor does not have the intent to harm, but the harm comes through the actor’s irresponsibility or negligence. The adjective form is misfeasant. The word misfeasance is derived from the French word mesfaisance, meaning to mis-do.

Nonfeasance is the failure to do something that one is legally responsible to do. Nonfeasance is an intentional failure to live up to one’s legal or moral duty in a given situation, a refusal to fulfill one’s obligation. The adjective form is nonfeasant. The word nonfeasance is derived from the French word faisance meaning an action, and the prefix non– which means not.


Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan has warned officials they risked facing malfeasance charges if they do not hunt down fugitive former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra after recent photos circulating on social media apparently showed she had been in London. (The Straits Times)

Ronald Ereiser’s principal ground of appeal to the Tax Court was that his reassessments should be vacated because they were issued as the result of misfeasance in public office on the part of CRA tax investigators. (The Lawyer’s Daily)

St. Lawrence County District Attorney Gary M. Pasqua has closed an investigation by his predecessor, Mary E. Rain, into the county’s alleged acts of “misconduct, nonfeasance and neglect of any county department head and/or employee.” (The Watertown Daily Times)

From Doreen

The Great Purification

A quiet war waged against man in 1954 by planetary rulers using silent weapons, revealed in this and other Blogs, videos, social media platforms, and alternative media for decades, is nearing a crescendo.

Lawful, peaceful action taken by CPU Inc. in Canada Nov 2018 is unprecedented. If you value your health, family, pets, safe food, water, air, prosperity, freedom and country, then put aside personal differences and unite with your fellow man to pull back Canada [insert your country] from the brink of globalization aka dictatorship, communism, a new world order.

Unprecedented, lawful, peaceful process for democratic countries

CPU Inc. was established to assist the people, as well as further assist politicians, and the judiciary, within all levels of the Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Band Council governments, the courts, and private corporation stakeholders, to effectively transition to a system of pure direct democracy from a de facto [illegitimate] representative democracy, which led the people to give away their proxy votes to politicians, and resulted in forfeiture of their ‘final decision making authority’.

What follows is a template for democratic countries, and what Canadians can do now.

Call to lawful, peaceful action R E S O U R C E S

In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance. To take back final decision making authority from de facto [illegitimate] governments, take back unalienable rights, our body mind Spirit/Soul claimed by the Vatican in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, and pull back our country from dystopian globalization, CPU Inc. created a lawful, peaceful process in Canada that can be applied in other democratic countries.

CPU Inc. is not a labor union. It is a registry and filing system to unite the will of the majority of Canadians because under Common Law, we require 51% of Canadians in each Province, and 51% in each Territory to e-sign the Convention of Consent.

If chemtrails, biohazard S.M.A.R.T. readers, wireless radiation, 5G, gmo food, weather modification, pedophilia, carbon control matrix, etc. concern you, then why support politicians who allow them? Voting and not voting [silence is agreement] are consent to bondage.

Instead, take lawful, peaceful action as follows:

1. CPU Inc. Member Sign Up

1] Visit  Francais aussi
2] Click ‘CPU Membership top tool bar. Benefits listed. Cost $22.60 tax in per year
3] Click ‘Add to cart’ and proceed to checkout
4] If you experience problems call 1 226-777-5580 to Sign-up

2] e-Sign Convention of Consent to reach majority status

1] Visit
2] Click ‘eSIGN Convention top tool bar. Video ‘How to e-sign’
3] Scroll down. Click ‘Sign the Online Form Now’ or ‘Signez la Convention maintenant’
4] Check box: ‘Got It’ I Agree
5] Click ‘Let’s Go’
6] Fill in the Form and sign with Signature Wizard
7] Send to complete.

Court Proceedings

Moratorium: Notice of oppression and treason in Canada.

In English:
In Francais:

Press Release: Moratorium

Statement of Claim:

Statement of Claim No. T2068-18 recorded in Canadian Federal Court

Press Release court claim T2068-18.

Donations welcome from around the world at or call 1 226-777-5580

Maxim: The male sex always includes the female.

These are stated FACTS and are not to be interpreted as giving legal advice.

Man has been stealthily deceived, distracted, and seduced, into giving personal power to undeserving entities. Our Spirit/Soul chose to be here now, in form, to bring this to correction, and we now have a lawful, peaceful process to do this.

Doing nothing is the abomination. Please, spread the word.

In Canada, please join CPU Inc., e-sign the Convention of Consent and inform others. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Comment by Annemieke de Jong on December 2, 2018 at 10:41

This is STUNNING!! I have not yet had a chance to study this document indepth but everything about it so far looks quite incredible! If we didn't have internet we would never find out about any of this..... Does anyone know what the situation is here in NZ?

In NZ we are on the cusp of having to take back our rights to water, esp fresh clean water, our land and much more. I was at a protest yesterday in Christchurch where we were told that groups are being formed to take back the ability to have a say on what goes on with (in this case) water, should companies be able to buy land and/or a a business for the sole purpose of having access to their water rights? What is the value of water? Is the value of water necessarily to be shown in $ value or does it have another intrinsic value? Of course, without water there is no life... It seems that the power to make decisions on every detail of our lives has been taken, not granted, govts for example have no power to charge income tax or any other tax, they make us believe they have this power 

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