Subversion of the Presidency: Electing the Devil


Are you planning to vote in the next election, here on earth?
Just curious, if you think there is someone among the candidates who you would vote for.I cannot ever see myself voting for Clinton, nor Sanders... NEVER EVER...  wink emoticon

Pres. Andrew Jackson called the diabolical ruling banksters 
(Nicholas Biddle, et al, google that) "a den of vipers." He said, 
"I will root you out." Consequently, they poisoned Pres. Jackson to 
death. Pres. Lincoln was assassinated, not by a Lee Harvey Oswald 
type, but by the secretly ruling banksters, because Lincoln was 
trying to return the issuance of our currency to the control of 
the U.S. Treasury. The banksters killed Pres. Kennedy for the same 
reason, and also because he wanted out of Vietnam. Pres. Woodrow 
Wilson was forcibly manipulated by the ruling banksters' henchman, 
Col. Edward Mandel House. Wilson was drugged and put into a sedated confused state of mind while the banksters marched our boys to their 
death and disablement in the bankers' dream, the highly profitable 
global slaughter known as World War One. Pres. Reagan was shot by 
a mind-controlled patsy, vicariously chosen by Vice-President George 
H.W. Bush, since Bush had been Director of Central Intelligence and 
of that agency's MK Ultra program of pharmacologically hypnotizing 
victims to obey subconscious instructions to assassinate whomever 
these ruling devils would so choose. Reagan survived the bullet 
wound, but the Vice-President had him mentally handicapped through 
in-house drugging, as Bush trampled over this president who hindered 
his complete usurpation of all presidential power, in Bush's role as  
promoter for the ruling elite's long-plotted, population-crushing 
"New World Order, which he announced on September 11, 1991 -- 
precisely ten years to the day and to the hour -- before the elite's satanic "burnt sacrifice" to Satan of three thousand human beings in 
the explosive flattening of the Twin Towers and building 7, at 9 A.M. 
on September 11, 2001. Thus the sinister dagger behind the curtain, Bush,made himself the de facto Wizard of Oz behind the presidential curtain, after having served as accessory to the assassination of President Kennedy, as proven by the exhibition of a document signed 
by the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 
J. Edgar Hoover, himself a tacit accessory to the assassination of 
President Kennedy. Pres. Eisenhower was made to become a figurehead 
for the diabolical ruling elite under the exploitation of Secretary 
of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, CIA Director Allen Dulles, 
documentably a key conspirator in the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.
The following is an excerpt from: 
"EISENHOWER AND DULLES: Who Made the Decisions?" 
by Richard H. Immerman, Princeton University, New Jersey 

"The overwhelming consensus among analysts of United States 
foreign policy during the Eisenhower Administration is that 
it was dominated by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. . . "

Pres. Truman had to join the club of the diabolical global ruling 
elite in order to subversively preside over our "nation of sheep." President Clinton was made fearful and meek under Israeli Mossad 
official, Rahm Emmmanuel. Mossad's terror card dealt against Pres. 
Clinton was the shootdown of his presidential helicopter, then 
manned only by its crew of U.S. Marine aviators, soon after Clinton 
had landed on the U.S.S. Roosevelt. This was a calculatedly 
terrorizing message to the president that he had better grovel and support USrael's military-industrial war-mongering hegemony, or else! 
Pres. McKinley, too, was assassinated by the ruling shadow banksters. 
Pres. Carter was hand-picked and installed in the White House, to be utterly manipulated by the shadow ruling elite. Today, 92-year-old 
Jimmy Carter has redeemed himself by publicly opposing Netanyahu's 
and the Zionazis' two-thirds-century-long generational genocide of 
the helpless civilian population of Palestine. Congressman Charles Lindbergh's baby was kidnapped and murdered to force him to withdraw 
as leader of the Congressional movement to keep the United States 
out of World War II. I have reason to surmise that Sen. Rand Paul 
was forced to defeat his father's burgeoning presidential campaign 
[in retaliation by the Bilderbergers for their humiliation by Alex 
Jones's army of patriots at Chantilly, Virginia] by Rand's declaring 
his support for Mitt Romney, just as the ruling "terrorists" had, 
in years past, terrorized Oklahoma State Sen. Charles Key, threatening
him -- that if he did not stop pursuing the true Oklahoma city bombing culprits, his children's pictures would start appearing on milk cartons. Pres. Garfield was shot by the shadow ruling elite. There are suppressed stories about the subordination of more U.S. presidents -- stories which have been unveiled to us by numerous dedicated researchers throughout the twentieth century. Moreover, it is becoming well-known that the famous independent U.S. Army General George Patton was assassinated by the 
invariable culprits, these diabolical ruling elite. 
So, you see, Charles, under the heel of the diabolical global ruling elite, the people of the United States and of the World are afflicted 
by diverse devastations on numerous fronts; among them: war, tyranny, medical genocide, satanic mind control (via movies and TV), etc. 
All of this evil ruination of the World's civilizations has been thoroughly documented by researchers such as assassinated Royal 
Canadian Naval officer William Guy Carr, in his book, "Pawns in the 
Game," by Ralph Epperson, by scholar Anthony Sutton, by Jim Marrs, 
and by too many other researchers to cite here. These diabolical 
ruling elite actually believe that their power over all of humankind derives from their worship of Satan as their god [you may not believe 
that Satan rules, but they worshipfully do so believe]. 
Worse yet, all of humankind is now under their Satan-directed 
destruction of the genetic micro-structure which God has so marvelously given to all human beings -- and this vitiation of humankind is effectuated through multiply-coinciding and mutually-interacting 
programs of pharmacological poisoning, food poisoning, water poisoning, vaccination poisoning, thought poisoning [via *their* mass media, not 
your mass media], etc. 
So, Charles you ask, "Who am I voting for?" 
My answer is that I do not vote; I de-vote from Satan's system, while devoting to God's system -- in my thoughts, which anyone can receive 
from God, if they would simply sit for a few moments each day in quiet contemplation of God's Invisible Presence. Resultingly, your day will 
be punctuated by surprising insights, which are God's urgings to you 
to be relayed to others. Therefore, I must not vote, but I must devote 
my mind, and thus, my heart to the One Who beats my heart each second.  
Do not vote, but deVote to God 
"with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind," 
for soon, I will gradually present evidence indicating that an incoming dwarf star which N.A.S.A. calls "Planet X" is God's ordained weapon of mass destruction, which He is aiming at these diabolical Satan-
worshipping ruling elite, from which these devils are fleeing 
underground and perhaps overground to escape from what their confidential 
NASA celestial trackings verify is the coming gravitational molestation 
of Earth's land masses and ocean floors. 

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Comment by Sunshine on January 15, 2016 at 11:46

Scary stuff.I won't vote because of the above reasons.  I know things are not right in the US, in fact, it's very dark.  I can only pray and hope in the mighty hand of the good Lord.

Comment by Rhonda Reichel on January 14, 2016 at 12:33

Rand Paul is the only one I'm considering

I don't really trust "Get the oil" Trump

Comment by Rhonda Reichel on January 14, 2016 at 12:32

Wowee...forget about Bill Cosby...he's minor league

Hillary is worse than you thought she was.  One of Bill's ex girlfriends is telling all.

 Our media covered this up for years until a London paper got it.  NOW let's see if they publish it....might as well....the cat is out of the bag now.

She's the prettiest woman old Billy goat ever got.... and boy does she ever tell Hillary off !!!
Hee hee hee---Bill told her Hillary snorts too

good riddance to them....Hillary is finished now...her leg breaking days are over
It's time to waddle off into the sunset.

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