Rhonda Reichel wrote:

Neurotoxins....sprayed on already dumbed down population....good idea? 

It sure helps during election season....otherwise these candidates wouldn't stand a chance.  The memory loss also explains how they  get re-elected.   Can you even remember how many times they voted against you on key issues....if you still have enough cognition to pay attention to how they voted in the first place?  Most of us don't pay attention and it's a struggle for me to keep up with them.  You can't listen to MSM and get a clear picture of who you are voting for.

Is this a factor in all these riots we are seeing too?  Irritation and confusion symptoms sure seem to fit in nicely with the "speech is violence" theme.  If you can still THINK you know it's not.  Let's just see if that illogic gets worse after this mass spraying.  Ha ha....more historical statues will be disappearing every single day.

It's a long detailed article about how these toxins work, how they are deployed,  and how it's probably too late for people to understand the danger they are under because of previous damage to their brains by exposure to these chemicals.

The part about producing millions of weaponized mosquitoes in labs is quite shocking. The map of bird kills is pretty interesting and ominous too.

Don't use DEET in insect repellents....you are just accelerating the process.  That's one of the 2 components....read about the other.

But then again, ignorance is bliss, unless it also makes people confused & irritated....then it becomes civil unrest.


Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological poisons sprayed from military planes



At the same time, DEET sales are exploding across America while local governments are carpet bombing cities like Miami with brain-damaging insecticide chemicals. The DEET, as we’ve documented here, contains AChE inhibitors that block brain function and cause memory loss, irritation and confusion among the voting population. (Nobody can remember all the campaign promises Obama made and then failed to deliver, see?)

It’s all just in time for the riots and elections, isn’t it? The more people coat their skin with DEET and then get exposed to carbamates or OPs which are being sprayed on U.S. cities, the more confused Americans become, making them even more susceptible to the outrageous lies of the mainstream media that’s trying to get a racketeering criminal traitor elected to the White House.

In effect, the criminal government is already in the process of deploying binary chemical weapons against the voting population as a form of chemical cognitive engineering. The goal is to cause widespread fear, confusion, memory loss and cognitive weakness. This is all being done for the simple, obvious reason that if all the human minds across America were allowed to wake up and notice what’s really happening, the criminal class of government liars and crooks would find themselves swinging by their necks from trees. Thus, keeping the masses dumbed down and chemically brain damaged is a necessary strategy for the corrupt political class to remain in power.

This is the biggest political science story in American history, yet there isn’t a single news organization reporting it. Ever wonder why?

DEET, fluoride, SSRIs, lead in the water and mercury vaccines… what do they all have in common?

Now I ask you: What do all these things have in common? Consider the common biochemical actions of DEET, fluoride, SSRI drugs, lead in the water and mercury in the flu shots (yes, vaccines still contain huge concentrations of mercury… over 50,000 ppb in my lab tests, which is over 25,000 times the maximum EPA limit of mercury in drinking water).

The answer is: THEY ALL DAMAGE BRAINS and inhibit cognitive function.

What you are observing here, if you still have the cognitive capacity to understand it, is a deliberate, coordinated, multi-vector chemical assault on your ability to think clearly.

This is a whole new kind of warfare against the commoners (the sheeple). The deliberate dumbing down you’re being subjected to isn’t just an info-propaganda campaign launched by CNN and the NY Times. There is a very real, very deliberate chemical warfare component to all this.

Yes, the U.S. government is currently waging covert chemical warfare on the American people. They are doing it using binary chemical weapons, in violation of international treaties against the use of weapons of mass destruction. And they are doing it to deliberately cause mass fear, confusion, memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Every media story you see that urges you to slather on the DEET is unknowingly participating in this binary weapons deployment. Don’t blame your local news person for this; they are too stupid, incompetent and scientifically illiterate to know anything that’s really happening in the world around them (that’s why they have to read teleprompter scripts written by someone else… they can’t even think for themselves anymore).

Now you know the real story on Zika and DEET and why they’re being pushed so aggressively by the same subversive media that’s desperately trying to overthrow democracy and install a totalitarian criminal in the White House. This is all connected. The timing of the Zika release is not a coincidence.

THIS IS ALL OUT WAR AGAINST AMERICA. And it’s not just a propaganda war. It’s a chemical war, and you have already been targeted for intoxication to make sure you never achieve the presence of mind to vote for anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump who threaten to overthrow the corrupt, criminal government.

Hmmm....If Trump is anti establishment why isn't he putting a stop to this?  For that fact why isn't Gov. Abbott?   Are they victims too with brains too damaged to access the danger?

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Comment by George W. Reichel on September 21, 2017 at 23:30

Very true CP.Rand Paul is speaking out against the endless wars but little else.People are preoccupied with bullshit/mass culture.

Comment by cats pajamas on September 21, 2017 at 14:04

Hope you guys are OK... George & Rhonda, its sure getting hard to process.

And yes Rhonda I would be interested to find a politician anywhere that would like to address any of this stuff. Its like they are barely hiding it any more.

Was thinking about this last night too, the NASA Balloon Project that happened before the eclipse, when they sent 50 bacteria filled balloons up into the stratosphere to "simulate conditions on Mars". Whatever that's supposed to mean. There was also the luminous cloud project that kicked off in May.



I don't know at what point documenting all this actually converts into action and change, I'm still having a terrible time with the deniers. Those of us in the know are having to dig deep.

Comment by rose on September 21, 2017 at 9:43
Comment by Rhonda Reichel on September 21, 2017 at 7:35

Someone else posted it also but it's worthy of discussion.  My local politicians don't want to address it.

Comment by George W. Reichel on September 21, 2017 at 7:19

Rhonda sent this to me.Thought it was a pretty good blog topic.

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