The Morning Scotch Report ~ August 29/30 2013

The Morning Scotch Report

August 29/30 2013


Do It Human shared by Mr Wolfe in chat

Fluoridating Water Supplies Keeps Us Dumb, Docile, and Sick - Let's End It

Fluoridating Water Supplies Keeps Us Dumb, Docile, and Sick – Let’s...

Fluoride added to drinking water has been linked with numerous health issues, including cancer and reduced IQ. So let us end water fluoridation for good.
Ginger: Truly Among the Great Medicines of the World

Ginger: Truly Among the Great Medicines of the World

An amazing beneficial herb, ginger root is not only good for cooking, it has been used for centuries as a powerful medicinal spice. Here are some benefits.
Can't Obtain Health-Boosting Raw Milk? Try a Supplement Called Lactoferrin

Can’t Obtain Health-Boosting Raw Milk? Try a Supplement Called Lact...

If you'd like to experience the health benefits of raw milk, but can't for legal reasons or otherwise, try an FDA-approved milk-derived supplement called lactoferrin.
Numerous Clinical Trials Prove Peppers can Ease Pain, Promote Weight Loss

Numerous Clinical Trials Prove Peppers can Ease Pain, Promote Weigh...

There are many health benefits of peppers, with numerous studies showing how peppers can ease multiple types of pain and help promote weight loss.



National Stike US

Fast-food workers strike in 60 cities, demanding $15/hour

MacDonalds ~ I"m Milking It


Wrecking the Earth: Fracking has grave radiation risks few talk about

Fracking fluid linked to fish die-off

'The weeds don't even hardly grow here': Colorado farmer

Pepsi Class Action Settlement

Naked Juice Class Action Settlement Announced: Here’s how to claim $45 from PepsiCo even without Proof of Purchase

Health Warning

Colcord Oklahoma "Blood Worms In The Water"

Science and Technology
Remote Controlled Humans Via Internet Now A Reality

Scientists achieve first human-to-human 'mind meld'

Scientists confirm new synthetic element. Swedish scientists discover 115th element, ununpentium, which could join periodic table

Giant Canyon Found Entombed under Greenland Ice

To hunt Osama bin Laden, satellites watched over Abbottabad, Pakistan, and Navy SEALs

UK Horse Meat Scandal

Two arrested over horsemeat scandal

Spies, Lies and whislte blowers

CLN – Google Received NSA Money, But That’s Not All

U.S. spy network’s successes, failures and objectives detailed in ‘black budget’ summary Photo

The GCSB: John Key rules, ok? MPs versus the democratic process.

Snakes in our House

US Administration

Administration announces new gun control measures, targets military surplus imports

Obama administration will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated

Investigators find black box of crashed North Sea helicopter


Two Algerians repatriated from Guantanamo: Pentagon

FEMA Region 3 Alert Reinstated

Information Confirmed As Truthful By Former Senator After Attacks To Take Down Alert Backfired

Freemason Warns

BioChem Attack on US City (discretion)

Syria Circus 

BUILD UP TO WWIII Anonymous Message to the US on Syria

Pentagon Finalized Syria War Plan In June 2012 Using BOGUS Evidence And PROPAGANDA: Ron Paul (Video)

RemovingTheShackles – Syria- The War That Will Never Happen….And Loosing The Game

Western Special Forces Working With Death Squads in Syria

'Syria's UN Amb Says Britain Conspired with Rebels on Chemicals! Russia & China Walk Out of Meeting!' Video

Tamarod Wants Syria-Bound Ships Blocked From Suez

Canada's Syria Support Unlikely To Include Direct Military Contribution: NATO Source

ActivistPost – U.S. Will Take Action In Syria Regardless Of Support From Allies Or U.N.

Obama should be stripped of his Nobel Peace prize if he starts Syria war

Meanwhile in Iran
99 Killed, 266 Wounded in Iraq Attacks

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader El-Beltagy arrested: Egyptian media

Egypt Indepedent – Egyptian Government Temporarily Halts IMF Loan Negotiations

New Zealand

Phil Goff Wants To Go To War!

The GCSB: John Key rules, ok? MPs versus the democratic process.

Was The GCSB Financed By The NSA?

Anonymous Kiwi Freedom - GCSB


Earth Changes August 29/30, 2013


Interview 734 – James Corbett on the Jack Blood Podcast

In this conversation recorded on August 21st, 2013, James joins Jack Blood on his brand new podcast at They discuss a range of topics from banking and finance to the latest on the Hastings "investigation" to the Barnaby Jack assassination to the chemical weapons attack in Syria.


Chemical Hypocrisy: Lies and Disinformation on the Road to War

Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:33:41 +0000


Interview 733 – Pepe Escobar on Bandar Bush’s Role in Syria

Roving correspondent and frequent guest Pepe Escobar of Asia Times Online joins us once again to discuss the geopolitical machinations behind the latest developments in Syria. We discuss the possibility of an Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline and how the regional players react to such a proposal, Prince Bandar of Saudi and his role in orchestrating the terror in Syria, the reason why the chemical weapons attack in Syria was a false flag attack and why Syria can\'t come out and deny it, the closing window of opportunity for Obama and friends to launch their strike on Assad, and much more. Don\'t miss this in-depth interview with one of the world\'s most insightful geopolitical analysts.


Interview 732 – Dan McCall on Parodying the NSA

Dan McCall of joins us to discuss the controversy over his NSA parody t-shirt. We talk about the design and how it was pulled from Zazzle because of a copyright claim by the NSA, and how Dan responded to that claim. We also discuss the law that the NSA is attempting to cite in its takedown of the design and the ramifications for free speech in the United States.


Our Daily Bread

Thu, 29 Aug 2013 20:26:11 +0000
Our Daily BreadStrong filmmaking, masterfully shot, universal, shocking, eerie, profound, no narration, just stark reality. It strips away of the layers of just how we as a race have distorted just about everything in the natural world and commodified it at our own peril, while losing our soul and...

Watch now...

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Comment by rose on August 30, 2013 at 11:28

The Endgame with V on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Join us tonight as we address these questions and more. To get up to speed on tonight’s topic, click here to read “V’s” latest alert about the financial war in which we are involved.

How close are we to financial Armageddon? To a global financial “reset,” a transfer of wealth, and the complete pillaging of all of our wealth? How close are we to the real start of World War III created at the hands of the international banking cartel? How does Syria, Iran, Russia and China play into the global chess game where we are the pawns and ultimate losers?

Comment by rose on August 30, 2013 at 10:29

GeoEngineering from MODs Doom List

San Diego Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Playing God With the Planet – The Ethics & Politics of Geoengineering

Gainesville GA March Against Chemtrails Aug 25 2013

NIŠ, SERBIA March Against Chemtrails Aug 25 2013

Richmond VA Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering

Miami August 25 2013 Activists raise awareness of public health hazards of chemtrails geoengineering

Brisbane, Australia March Against Chemtrails Aug 25 2013

Berlin March Against Chemtrails Aug 25 2013

London March Against Chemtrails August 25, 2013

Stortinget Norway March Against Chemtrails Aug 25 2013

Comment by rose on August 30, 2013 at 10:14

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