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Recovery Process For Humanity

The following Q&A outlines a REMEDY for people world-wide to take back their power, take back their Soul claimed in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, and take back their country. This ‘made in Canada’ process can be applied in ‘any’ democratic country.

  1. Is it legal for a majority of people to retrieve final decision-making authority from de facto governments?

i] Yes, because in law nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people when it comes to governance. In Canada, the people are above the Constitution and above the institutions [courts, government, and parliament].

ii] As ‘shareholders‘ of the Crown Corporation of Canada [or your country] the people can file a complaint, initiate investigation into how the corporation is being run and establish MORATORIUMS that cannot be contested because shareholders have the right to investigate their CEO. Government must comply.

2. What are some benefits of participating in this process?

i] Everyone who joins the Canadian Peoples Union Inc. brings us closer to the required minimum 1,100 signatures for a MANDATE that CPU Inc. will take to the Supreme Court of Canada to demand a MORATORIUM on all government actions [See Liabilities below] taken without disclosure and consent of the majority of the people. This cannot be rebutted because the will of the people rules.

CPU Inc. is the registry and filing system for this process. There is a $20 CPU Inc. annual fee to cover administration, research, court filings, education on democracy, develop direct democracy training programs, maintain the website, etc. to pioneer planetary change.

ii] Everyone who signs the Convention of Consent brings us closer to legalizing it. The Convention of Consent becomes legal under Common Law when 51% of the people in ‘each’ of 7 Canadian Provinces sign it. The Convention of Consent allows CPU Inc. to carry out its MANDATE.

iii] Joining CPU Inc. and signing the Convention of Consent establish a peaceful transition from misunderstanding our rights to direct democracy where collaboration between the people and government defines what the government will carry out on behalf of the people, and assigns the RIGHT to to collect the signatures. When a researcher goes to court there is ‘no’ requirement to disclose the signatories.

iv] CPU Inc. Board of Directors is liable for their actions not the signatories.

v] Veto power will belong to the people [bottom up direct democracy].

  1. What are the liabilities of doing nothing?  

       i] Public Private Partnerships [P3s] being implemented without disclosure and without consent of the people will be finalized and ensnare countries under globalization.

ii] P3s will render the people and government minority shareholders in the Crown Corporation of Canada [or your country].

iii] Under globalization governments will abdicate their responsibilities to the people through privatization.

iv] $283 billion in pension funds have been privatized. By July 2019 all pensions in Canada will be under globalization including military.

v] P3s will ensnare countries under globalization; a new world order communist dictatorship.

vi] Under globalization the people will become the ’guarantee’ for loans these private corporations have with the World Bank.

vii] Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ‘s. 3 does not protect the right of each citizen to play an unlimited role in the electoral  process’. In other words, Section 3 limits power of the people as shareholders in the Crown Corporation of Canada, which makes the Charter unconstitutional.

Viii] Doing nothing is tacit [implied] consent to living hell on Earth.

Maxim of Law: He who fails to assert his rights has none

From Doreen
Cultural Marxism is advancing

Either people unite and take legal, peaceful action to retrieve final decision-making authority from de facto governments at all levels, and ‘end’ crimes against humanity, perpetual wars, etc. or remain silent and do nothing, which is tacit or implied consent to globalization a.k.a. new world order communism.

Social degeneration, sexual depravity, religious deterioration and moral decay that have occurred in the wake of Cultural Marxism, and the leaders of this warped movement, who perennially push for open borders, legalization of all recreational drugs, assisted suicide, government-funded transgendering, nudity in public spaces, lewd artwork and numerous other forms of societal permissiveness and promiscuity, have one goal in mind; to sufficiently undermine the character development of every decent human being.

Time is short. Please share widely in your circle of influence, and with other groups dedicated to legal, peaceful remedy. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Comment by Jennifer Goddard on July 13, 2018 at 22:04

Yes Michael, we get no say in anything, and we have to find out the information for ourselves, that is then denied by these power hungry group. One of the reasons they are desperate to control the internet now...

They also tax us on everything they can think of, and many times tax us over and over again, Tax on wages, Tax on savings, Tax on dying, yes inheritance tax been around a long time.. Tax on everything you buy, Tax even on all out amenities  like Water, Gas, electricity, that was once owned by the people for the people, then sold of by the Government to Corporations, who then install Meters, and tax us on that as well.

What will it take for people to take back their power? The people Solution that was added by Rose this week, to me IS the answer.

Comment by Jennifer Goddard on July 12, 2018 at 22:24

Wow, so would this also apply to the UK, if enough people joined, we all need to do something, every thing said above, is true about the evil intent and these with open eyes can see what corruption of the human mind, to make all perversion "normal" is being  advancing at what seems to me a much faster pace would one go about trying to get it done in the UK?

Comment by Doreen Agostino on July 12, 2018 at 13:01

Yes Michael, and public 'silence' is implied 'consent' to your documented concerns as well as a major political shift underway centralizing power world-wide a.k.a. globalization.

Comment by Michael MacDonald on July 12, 2018 at 12:56

We as the people of nz need to make decisions  not the elite or so called government on fluoride,chlorine,geoengineering,free speech,food gmo poisoning,etc

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