I received this sad email just now:

This is a first person account by one woman who was in the car with Ammon Bundy when the FBI riddled the car with bullets and shot Lavoy Finicum with his hands up in the air.

Please, share this widely! https://youtu.be/Y92PvMFL0Eg

I include the following:
Hello. I am Patti Jo Edwards of Grants Pass, Oregon.

I have been asked to write a letter concerning what is taking place in Harney County, Oregon.

It is About the Law

Our Country was founded on one Supreme Law. That is a Law that is to be placed above all other "laws", regulations and codes. The United States Constitution is the foundation of our Republic.

For the rest of this letter:
"UnConstitutional" will be noted: (UN).
"Lawful" will be noted as (L)
"UnLawful" will be noted as (UL)

At the end of this letter are the Amendments and law that apply.

HARNEY COUNTY was one of the most prosperous counties in Oregon and is now the second poorest due to the actions of the Federal Government. Currently the people who are employed are mostly working for the Federal Government or on public assistance.

The matter concerning Dwight and Steven Hammond is typical of what has been done by the Federal Government to many in Harney County.

The Hammonds were convicted as terrorists for arson for starting a backfire to save their home from a fire started by the BLM. Two witnesses and a video show BLM agents with drip torches starting a horseshoe of fire around the Hammond Ranch. This evidence was withheld by Prosecution (UC) . In Harney County Oregon a rancher must get permission to light a fire to save their home or property or cattle (UC).

The judge found them guilty of the matters that they admitted to and sentenced them.

They both served their sentences. Nearly two years after they returned home, they were re-sentenced for the same offense and sent back to Federal Prison. (UC)*. Part of the 2nd sentencing was a fine of $600,000 that was reduced to $400,000 if the Hammonds agreed to give the Federal Government first right of refusal if they have to sell their ranch. (UC) ***

The wife of 72 year old, Dwight Hammond, Suzie Hammond, now running the cattle ranch on her own, is not allowed to sell anything for over $500 without Federal Government permission. NOTE: There were two fires started by the Hammons. BLM records show that the fires actually did very little damage to open land and in the end improved the land. Currently the Hammonds have paid over one million dollars in legal fees.

The Occupiers at the Reserve (30 miles outside of town) are assembled in peaceful protest. (L) + They are occupying a Public Property, and holding it open and welcome to the public.

To date they have done NO damage to the property and have cleaned and repaired the buildings that were in a state of neglect, infested with rats and with numerous safety violations. Harney County Citizens have been supplying the Occupiers with food and what ever else is needed. Many residents have been up to the Reserve that has been renamed: The Harney County Resource Center.

The Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) consist of veterans and law enforcement from five states and are joined by concerned citizens that have come from all over the country to see the Hammonds vindicated.

The issue has grown as facts have surfaced to include what is called " the Federal Land Grab (UC) ** The members of PPN are peaceful, helpful, friendly and supportive and liked by the majority of the residents in the Town of Burns, evidenced by their treatment by the people, who are feeding them and stealth-fully showing their appreciation in tearful hugs, waves and words.

They are armed. (L) ++ Their goal is to act as a force to protect the occupiers and the citizens of Harney County from harm and to act as negotiators to bring the various factions to the table to create a Peaceful Resolution and see that Due Process (L) +++ is allowed and Constitutional Law is rightfully used to guarantee the Rights of the People.

Although the majority of the people of Harney County are siding with the Patriots, psy ops is being effectively used in many many videos on YouTube and in the media to confuse and mislead the American People. The most accurate information is coming from live streaming unedited video coming from the Reserve and Town of Burns. From these sources we know the FBI is present in force and the people are being terrorized and oppressed by the FBI that is by ALL FACTUAL ACCOUNTS, a STANDING ARMY. (UL) ****

There are currently many hundreds of PPN and others in the county, stationed throughout the area as well as in town. They are not with the Occupiers at the Reserve, but are available and vigilant to protect the people at the Reserve. There are hundreds more currently ready to join their fellow patriots if a single shot is fired by the Federal Government forces.

These are ordinary American Citizens who care deeply and share the plight of the citizens of Harney County who are also patriots. They desire to regain their Right to Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness as guaranteed by the U S Constitution, believing that if they do not act now, the Federal Government will continue to destroy all that they hold dear. They are willing to die for this cause.

Note: Three weeks ago, the Federal Government "owned" 51% of the land in Oregon. Just recently that went up to 54%. (UC) ++ The Patriots want the Management and ownership of the Land to be by the counties and State as directed by the US Constitution. (L) **

Hundreds of Federal Troops with the approval of the Sheriff (UL) **** have moved into Burns. They have taken over the airport, set up tents to house more agents and closed the local school for staging their equipment, supplies and more agents.

At the airport, now referred to as "the FBI" compound", there are reported to be drones parked and ready. (UC) **** The airspace above Harney County is now a restricted airspace.

There are many reports and some videos from the citizens and from the PPN that the FBI are targeting and stopping lone women, teenagers and elderly in their cars for no reason using three or more FBI vehicles with agents to surround the victims, checking ids and questioning the drivers.

In the town of Burns, the FBI has blocked off streets restricting resident movements. Heavily armed FBI agents with automatic weapons and flack jackets are seen everywhere. Pictures of the FBI evidence that they are in a defensive and, at times, hostile posture. The residents are understandably scared.

A former employee of BLM, Sheriff Ward has given over the job of Law Enforcement to the Federal Government (UL) ++++ It is the job of the Sheriff to protect the people from the Federal Government, so when he put the FBI in charge, he acted unlawfully.

Recently, Governor Brown wrote a letter to President Obama asking for his help in bringing the protesters to justice and is also quoted in a number of articles ordering the FBI to act. (UL)++++

Judge Grasty has denied the citizens of Harney County use of any of the public buildings to meet. (UN) + After much anger from the community, he did agree to allow the citizens to meet at a venue that held only 150 people.

-Attendees would have to secure a ticket to gain entry beginning at 10:00 Monday for the meeting that would be held at 5:00 that evening.
-30 tickets would be reserved for special guests,
-ids would be checked when receiving the tickets and again at the door,
-residents were not to be allowed to ask questions or comment,
-no pictures or videos by the public would be permitted
-only residents would be allowed.
-Steve Grasty would run the meeting

The Chief is on video at a press conference explaining that he was openly siding with the Patriots and was threatened by the Judge. (UC) + The Chief had caught FBI agents posing as militia pretending to break into the Armory. When he attempted to report this He was chastised by Judge Grasty.

Currently the Powers that are meant to check and balance each other are in need of rebalancing. We, the people of this country, have a Supreme Law set forth clearly in the Constitution, that we are endowed with certain inalienable Rights.

Any "law", code or regulation that is not in accordance with the US Constitution is unlawful and, therefore, null and void. That is the Law.

Across this country, a rumble is turning into rage. The only way to stop this war is to lift a finger. Call the governor and remind her that she took an Oath to uphold the Law as set forth in the United States Constitution, and she better read it, and act in accordance with that law or there will be war.

I am Patti Jo Edwards of Grants Pass, Oregon

* Double Jeopardy is addressed in the 5th Amendment

** Article One, Section Eight of the US Constitution states:
The Federal Government may not own land exceeding ten Miles square as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings

*** Cruel and unusual punishment is addressed in the 8th Amendment

**** The Posse Camatatus Act prohibits the Sheriff or Governor from using a standing army of Federal Troops to enforce the law.

+ The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the Right of the people to assemble and to peacefully protest

++ the Right to bear arms is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution

+++ Due Process is guaranteed by the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution

Here are other things being misrepresented in the media:

Ammon Bundy never had a set of demands that I know of. He did have a redress of grievances that had to do with the wrongful treatment of the Hammonds. He did present the document to the proper authorities. They did not respond. The First Amendment provides this Right. The Government is bound by law to respond.

The Pacific Patriot Network did meet with factions in the County and came up with the following Proposal of Resolution which has been delivered to Ammin Bundy, the Sheriff and the FBI.
Here is the Proposal for Resolution of the Peaceful Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Citizens for Constitutional Freedom signed on January 8, 2016
Before the Board of County Commissioners for Harney County State of Oregon
Proposal for Resolution of the Peaceful Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Citizens for Constitutional Freedom
First Request
The Harney County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff have been presented with a Redress of Grievance by the Committee of Safety, detailing out concern’s of the citizens. Harney County Administration has stated they wish to work with the Committee of Safety, yet have failed to respond nor answer the Committee’s Redress of Grievance.
Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request the Harney County Government address all stated grievances in writing, demonstrating they intend to work with the newly formed Committee of Safety addressing matters of county citizens concern.
Second Request
Two witness have come forward and provided recorded eye witness accounts of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), using drip torches, lighting fire along the boundary of the Hammond Ranch. One BLM crew started at the south end of the ranch and the second BLM crew started on the east side of the ranch creating a horseshoe of fire around the Hammond ranch. The Hammond’s responded with lighting back burns to prevent fire spread onto their ranch protecting their private property. The witness was interview by Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Frank Papagni, Jr.. AUSA Papagni never called on this witness, nor in pre-trial discovery reported to the defense the existence of these witnesses.
Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conduct a criminal investigation into prosecutorial misconduct for unlawfully withholding eyewitness testimony which would have aided in the Hammond’s defense. The withholding of evidence and action’s by US Attorney Amanda Marshal has further lead to the violation of the Hammond’s 5th Amendment and 8th Amendment Constitutional Rights.
Third Request
The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, publicly owned land, is currently under management by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, a Federal Government agency. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution clearly states what land the Federal Government may own, with permission of the State. Article 6, Section 2, Clause 2 define the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
Citizens for Constitutional Freedom request Harney County Government petition and give notice to the Federal Government for the transfer and unconditional return to local control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge as allowed by Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. Harney County Government in equal Partnership with the Burns Paiute Tribe will manage and administer this publicly owned land to the values and vision of the local community.
NOW, THEREFORE, based on the foregoing,
Citizens for Constitutional Freedom put forth these requests, to be individually address in written format and entered into the official record, to bring resolution to the peaceful occupation of publicly owned land currently identified as the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Upon deliver and posting of documents in the official record, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom will vacate the aforementioned land within 24 hours. http://www.pacificpatriotsnetwork.com/…/Proposed%20Resoulit…

Here in Southern Oregon we have many instances of Federal Government abuse https://youtu.be/gyMx2N280M0

Here is the press release put out by the city and county government of Burns, Oregon. The NEW RULES regulating meetings

How the BLM took over in the first place. https://youtu.be/f_9EaNh2MKw

The residents appreciate and a re grateful for the Patriot's stand. https://youtu.be/Ee_0-S_9sls

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Comment by rose on January 29, 2016 at 7:29

Please make further comments on main discussion


Comment by Linda Joy Adams on January 28, 2016 at 23:24

awe need full and open investigations of the entire matter as it is not unlike what is going on in many areas now where the laws and constitution is being ignored. TRUTH CAN ONLY BE KNOWN WHEN EYEWITNESSES FROM ALL ARE PEMITTED TO SHARE WHAT THEY KNOW.   I am not eye witness to any of this matter but there is a 'ring of truth to it' from my own personal experience and triyng to warn many that you may have inherited property that is subject to seizure from mediocre overpayment from one whose claims an id was turned into multiples by the govt contractors who cannot be investigated since 2002  there is no budget from Congress. and no internal audit control of them either as they steal from us. These are over payments the card holders may not even know occurred and were never notified of. and since 2005 Social security agreed to take waiver requests on these kind and issue decisions and have not processed one. This is  a kind on form SSA 632 where one gives no personal financial info as its one 'against equity and good conscience" as one cannot expect the card holder to enforce laws the govt cannot. i.e arrest the thieves or cancel govt contracts etc. This land grab is not just some 'commons' land in a western state, etc.  Debt collections laws were pulled from the public view in the 1980;s by then VP Bush in charge of the 'paper reduction act."  Debts can be collected from heirs if the assets can be located even after the will is probated. And theses contractors handle appeals and block any attempts to get to even an agency judge know in all kinds of matters as they control and own our data and public records. I had 17 medicare created and each claim turned into 17 and the money disappeared inside the Fedeal reserve. and in my case, medicare was not the primary payer but the private dlowned billing system was illegally altered from what my emplo9yer sent in to say it was. This ws discovered as I had already begun daily tracking with another contractor Vangent , 1-800 mediare and 500 named witnesses began discovery and told me they had estimated a trillions dollart theft of medicare from that began in 8/08 and went back to 1/06 when the system was programmed to allow the thefts in the first place and did not end until acting direcgtor Berwick did not renew the congtrat with Trailblazeers in our region and 1000 lost jobs in N Texas fr what only some were involved with . The inside weitnesses surmised theat the TARP money came out of medicare and the overpayments put on the patients records. And the federal reserve diverted the money , yet it looked liked hundreds of doctor,  hospitals got multiple payments for each claim. Now records are only visible for a few years  to easily check it out but the archives are there in the control of Pres Lynn Blodgett the 'face of the shadow government ; in the USA. and owner of of 150 cmpnes and as many secret deal partners with the current official title of President of Xerox management  services. Yet  his employees and other contractor employees are not permitted to say they are not real govt employees which is illegal.  This 'land grab' is going on all over in many ways and forms.. The SEC has been begged by states to get them off the Medicaid programs and they have no budget from congress to go after crooked govt contractors either. Vote and if inclined run or office as we need the few who are trying to be joined by a majority whl will follow the oath of office to uphold the constitution and its mandate of "for the general welfre of the people and the secuurty of the naiton' and over the last 30 years  this has been eroding faster than ever until now when we are in our final chances for the people to be in charge of this nation and follow our governing document that has served us well for a long time.  Plus the tenth commandment  where the original meaning of 'covet' was not to commit abuse of power by those in authority summarizing the first to NOT ACT AS A GOD WHEN IN POWER AND WE ARE NOT TO WORSHIP OUR LEADERS AS IF THEY WERE. NOR EXPECT PRESDIENTS AND PRIME MINISTERS TO BE SAVIORS OR MESSIAHS ETC. They are only humans who do need corrections from a system of laws and governing as our constitution gives us Our founders understood that the 10 commandments was not so much a faith set of rules but addressed governments of the time when Pharaohs and later kings and ceasars broke these basic rules. and the people worship them even with terrible abuses of power going on. Sound like a summary of the Declaration of independence? Our founders did understand what our younger generations today have not been taught. Balances of power is needed to offset humans who act as gods and abuse powers when they get power over others. Ancients got it and knew that the ancient Hebrews were not like the rest of the world in their teachings. at all. Moses came down from the mountain with earth shattering info that PHAROAH WAS NOT A GOD, AND COULD MAKE MISTAKES. And humanity had to not worship and follow when wrongs were done.  We have not taught the history of humanity for many years now because the word god is in them.  Ignorance is pulling them down from our places of government because we no longer know that the original meaning was. as a persons of faith I know I am accountable to a real Divine, but even those who do not hold such a faith are under the wisdom of these 10 basic rules and accountable to society and history for their actions.   Thanks so much for this sharing. a truth as I know it first hand seems to be plausible in it from my personal eye witness accounts i have shared in other areas of government Linda Joy Adams

Comment by Ant on January 28, 2016 at 15:51

If that fella had his hands up then those thugs executed him in cold blood.Wo be unto you!

Comment by rose on January 28, 2016 at 12:14

Thanks Ms MOD n Butler - given you were at Bundy and know the ropes, appreciate the feedback always

Comment by Rhonda Reichel on January 28, 2016 at 9:55

I want to see the car they were in....how many bulletholes are in it if they only fired 3 shots

Comment by Rhonda Reichel on January 28, 2016 at 9:53
Wow...they shot this old guy in the face with his hands up in the air---and no one in the car touched their gun....all the shots came from authorities....snipers in the trees too  I hope she wins a civil suit because they won't be criminally charged for murder like they should be  We aren't safe anymore if you can't even surrender without being shot down like a dog  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y92PvMFL0Eg&feature=youtu.be
Comment by Rhonda Reichel on January 28, 2016 at 9:52
                    crisis actors....this is disgusting
I wonder why so many people fall for these psyops with evidence like this that they hire actors
You sure can't believe what you see on TV

video:  https://youtu.be/rXJgk6wr9D4

 A friend caught some fake militia in Oregon getting asked to sign an Actor's Talent Release form!  Suddenly one of the "militia" realize they are live streaming this and he runs and shuts off the camera!  I'm being censored on this story so please post to your Facebook and social networks.  Thank you!

Fake Oregon Militia Caught Red Handed!


Comment by Ms MoD on January 28, 2016 at 9:40

Yeah...what he said!  ;)  Agree with Cap on all points.

Comment by Michael Butler on January 28, 2016 at 9:29

Sorry but I'm not buying this. Did you see the video of Pete Santilli and Brandon Curtiss of the Idaho 3 Percenters auctioning off dildos and Brandon flashing occult handsigns? Curtiss also has extremely shady business dealings that have been exposed. It's MOCKERY by the elite. They are also building the militia/patriot "deadender" narrative. The demonization of militia is also huge...I can tell you from direct personal experience that the Bundy 'militia' is not really a militia. A militia is generally a localized group of people who train together on a monthly basis which takes the form of Field Training Exercises (FTX). Bundy's did none of this, Ammon led ZERO training, in fact, hasn't 'led' anything before this, they had no practical equipment or supplies towards these ends, other than what they acquired through the Bundy Ranch standoff most of which was pilfered and disappeared shortly after that. The militias that went to Bundy Ranch were all experienced militias that were homed in other states and came there because they believed IN THAT CAUSE...this one they were all absent because they smelled a setup, a honeytrap. There appears to be multiple objectives here, but one of them is to make militias/patriots look like complete buffoons and nutcases...I'd say the Bundy's hit that one out of the park and you couldn't do a better job in that regard. All of the principals involved with this are completely shady, ALL OF THEM. The Bundy's were warned ad nauseum about associating with certain individuals and they literally ignored the information, did not address it or ever deny it in fact, and I know the info went directly to Cliven/Carol Bundy. Silence is acquiescence. To me these folks are all criminals, misfits, retards, agent provocateurs, and crisis actors, but everyone should due their own due diligence and draw their own conclusions.

Comment by rose on January 28, 2016 at 9:13

Thanks, posted to all and linked to main discussion

Appreciate the update ♥


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