Uncensored Editorial Comment: The Winds Of Change

Reading the paper and watching the TV news today, it would seem it is no longer “a man’s world”. Change is in the air.

As we’re all aware, one male public figure after another has fallen under the weight of a barrage of claims of sexual abuses of one sort or another. The floodgates have opened and there is no stemming the flood of allegations. In synch with this, women are seen to be taking the leading roles both on the screens large and small, and in the world of politics. Nowhere more so perhaps than here in New Zealand, where a gobsmacked media is buzzing with the unexpected news of an expectant Jacinda Ardern, our new Labour (!) Prime Minister.

The timing is extraordinary. As extraordinary as Ardern’s rise to power. A last minute change from former labour Leader Andrew Little, with the General Elections looming, saw Ardern’s new approach and carefully cultivated “young and vibrant” image (in keeping with Labour/Progressive Alliance’s focus on youth) turning around the ailing political party’s fortunes, although it took an alliance with Winston Peters of NZ First to take the lead.
“Mr Peters will step in as acting Prime Minister for six weeks while Ms Ardern takes leave when the baby is expected in June. However the prospect is concerning for many New Zealanders.
Ms Ardern says she found out her pregancy on October 13, during coalition talks with Winston Peters – and it played on her mind during the negotiations.
“People will probably look at the timing,” she says. She then told Mr Peters before making her public pregnancy announcement.”
Unknown to anyone except Ardern and her husband, and to their apparent mutual surprise, Ardern became pregnant almost simultaneously with her taking the prime minister’s role.
I’m the sort of person who does not believe in “just coincidence”. I think there is a reason for every event and a synchronicity of events, whether orchestrated by human agency or by powers beyond our understanding.

Perhaps this is all part of planned and controlled agenda, or perhaps it is just time for the sun to set on the “man’s world”. I would like to think an age of genuine equality is rising. But then, I’m always suspicious and see “plans within plans”, as author Frank Herbert would say.
I have no crystal ball and no answers, but I’m always interested in what others have to say.
Are we seeing the dawn of a more equal society, or a female dominated future, or is this somehow part of an LBGT agenda? where is this going? It’s already a very interesting year and it’s barely gotten started!

Martin Harris


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Comment by Martin Harris on January 29, 2018 at 21:44

Speaking of music and the feminine: This is my current obsession, Sharon Kovacs



The most incredible voice on Earth next to Benedict Cumberpatch!

Comment by cats pajamas on January 28, 2018 at 12:06

Still have that RATM CD from the 90s...survived about 20 years of moving, couch surfing (occasional near homelessness). Sounds harsh to my ears now but so symbolic it stays there on the shelf next to Bjork & Enya. Honest!

The music channels that masculine fire the powers that be are desparate to crush. And references to the MACHINE WORLD....hopefully round here I don't need to go into a dissertation on why RATM and "Wake Up" was heavily used in The Matrix movies. ;-)

But without the nurturing aspects all that kinda goes nowhere, that's what Im hoping for with balancing of masculine/feminine aspects...that we find the energy to stand up and change this out of pure love for ourselves and for our planet.

And the self emolliating Monk...pretty shocking. NOT recommending that path but reality is right now humanity are so scared of death we are immobilised and letting our controllers roll out their plan to cull the whole planet right in front of our eyes.

Not a criticism...we aint at the taking it to the streets yet, coz it aint "real" enough. YET. Just remembering how much change came out of the 60s/70s from sheer passion. It all got hijacked but will come round again, time is not linear but spiral. Tick tock.

LOL about those old British cars though, I remember my folks borrowed this giant Humber on a trip to the UK in the 70s. No reverse gear, no heater...exhaust pipe kept falling off in the snow.

It was humbling back then, the machines have made us so cosy weve lost connection with earth.

Sunday musings over...time to take the planet back...tick tock.

Comment by Rainbow Cat on January 25, 2018 at 21:11

Def was chilling Martin, stopped me in my tracks in fact as if the b&w version isn't bad enuff.

Comment by Martin Harris on January 25, 2018 at 15:50

We too had a Cambridge in the 70s but it was maroon.

I do have a yellow and white vw though.

Must be chilling to see that 2 tone blue car behind the monk.

Comment by Rainbow Cat on January 22, 2018 at 21:27

My gosh CP. Just realised the car in the RATM cover same as the Austin Cambridge we had in the late 70s, ours was yellow and white till the ex took a paint brush and changed it to 2tone blue, we drove one end of NZ to the other from In'gill with no brakes and no reverse gear but managed to use a spanner to temporarily get the reverse to reverse onto cook straight ferry, b4 dumping it in Auckland (when the ex got locked up for numerous dangerous driving charges)...goodbye pork pie came out following year, so eery to see the car in colour till now I'd only seen the black n white version.

Comment by cats pajamas on January 22, 2018 at 19:31

Well Im feeling it for sure Martin, Ive sure had enough of the lies.

What time is it? Well people its time to TAKE THE POWER BACK. Not everyones cuppa tea but IMHO Rage against the Machine always said it best.

With that little musical interlude Im off for the week will catch yous later, keep fighting the good fight...

Comment by Martin Harris on January 22, 2018 at 15:44

You're right Cats. Every movement from women's rights to Gay rights and Save the Whales is being used and manipulated by the Elites to suit their agendas, just as it has been with the UFO psy op situation. BUT, we should use discernment and discretion and recognise that there is a real battle for freedom and equality going on and I think we need to believe that we can win. Rip the Satanist and Elitist elements kicking and screaming form the 2030 agenda and say "we have our own 2030 agenda!" and one has a goal and a vision to aspire to and work towards.

I know what I'd like the future to look like and who I need to expose in order to cut out the bad guys:


And since I reposted this at Uncensored, there has been a steady stream of views and shares. Wake up world!

Comment by cats pajamas on January 22, 2018 at 12:46

MSM article on your man Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman driving the push for a "more palatable form of Islam to the west" via Agenda 2030. Stuff here on his plan to change Saudi Arabia to fit in with global trade, culture and politics.

100% running a script. But also desperately hanging onto the reins of an inevitable uplift. Weve seen them do it already in the west by infiltrating the true womens liberation movement with radical feminism.

Sometimes I feel like Im just blathering on in some kind of DMT delusion but SURELY its possible to balance all this stuff out? I guess that's what the powers that be don't want.


LOL Rainbow Cat! I live in hope nature has its own plan too. For the uninitiated, the Paddles the Cat saga....


Comment by Rainbow Cat on January 21, 2018 at 22:34

No wonder Paddles the cat wandered off to cross the rainbow bridge, he knew he couldn't compete with a child. No accidents, no coincidents but all carefully orchestrated thru out.

Comment by cats pajamas on January 20, 2018 at 21:40

Cool Martin I just thought I should mention it with sorendreier.com. Theres a loooong story behind that one. To do with someone that was once well known in these circles that ripped off his whole site (and has since been exposed in a very grim fashion and shut down as a fraud).

A story for another day. Ego trip city, cads and bounders! Theres a lot of it about, seems contrary to what we are all trying to achieve here but there you go. Ho hum.

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