Uncensored Editorial Comment: The Winds Of Change

Reading the paper and watching the TV news today, it would seem it is no longer “a man’s world”. Change is in the air.

As we’re all aware, one male public figure after another has fallen under the weight of a barrage of claims of sexual abuses of one sort or another. The floodgates have opened and there is no stemming the flood of allegations. In synch with this, women are seen to be taking the leading roles both on the screens large and small, and in the world of politics. Nowhere more so perhaps than here in New Zealand, where a gobsmacked media is buzzing with the unexpected news of an expectant Jacinda Ardern, our new Labour (!) Prime Minister.

The timing is extraordinary. As extraordinary as Ardern’s rise to power. A last minute change from former labour Leader Andrew Little, with the General Elections looming, saw Ardern’s new approach and carefully cultivated “young and vibrant” image (in keeping with Labour/Progressive Alliance’s focus on youth) turning around the ailing political party’s fortunes, although it took an alliance with Winston Peters of NZ First to take the lead.
“Mr Peters will step in as acting Prime Minister for six weeks while Ms Ardern takes leave when the baby is expected in June. However the prospect is concerning for many New Zealanders.
Ms Ardern says she found out her pregancy on October 13, during coalition talks with Winston Peters – and it played on her mind during the negotiations.
“People will probably look at the timing,” she says. She then told Mr Peters before making her public pregnancy announcement.”
Unknown to anyone except Ardern and her husband, and to their apparent mutual surprise, Ardern became pregnant almost simultaneously with her taking the prime minister’s role.
I’m the sort of person who does not believe in “just coincidence”. I think there is a reason for every event and a synchronicity of events, whether orchestrated by human agency or by powers beyond our understanding.

Perhaps this is all part of planned and controlled agenda, or perhaps it is just time for the sun to set on the “man’s world”. I would like to think an age of genuine equality is rising. But then, I’m always suspicious and see “plans within plans”, as author Frank Herbert would say.
I have no crystal ball and no answers, but I’m always interested in what others have to say.
Are we seeing the dawn of a more equal society, or a female dominated future, or is this somehow part of an LBGT agenda? where is this going? It’s already a very interesting year and it’s barely gotten started!

Martin Harris


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Comment by Martin Harris on January 20, 2018 at 21:22

"There is something rotten in the state of Sweden" to paraphrase Shakespeare!

Regarding reposts I generally publish part articles with a "read more" continuation link. Full reposts are only done with author permission or if there's a Creative Commons license.

The internet can be a real legal minefield sometimes: Just last week someone (not Soren) threatened me with legal action for reproducing a partial excerpt from his article with a credit and link. I simply deleted his article excerpt, which was his loss as he would have benefitted from the extra traffic and boosted his SEO ranking to boot. Each to their own I guess.

Comment by cats pajamas on January 20, 2018 at 14:21

Related links Martin...Sweden is seriously in the crap. Just be aware Soren writes "full repost with permission only" with a lot of his personal writing.




Comment by cats pajamas on January 20, 2018 at 13:24

Yep the changes coming up are not all good or all bad either and I can only hope the awakening shift hits Islam too. This may be highly idealistic on my part but good signs coming out of Saudi Arabia.

And what are we actually spozed do?...send ALL the Muslim refugees back to countries that our governments have been deliberately destroying to drive them into the west on purpose? Its a sensitive situation, I sure as heck wouldn't want to be an unarmed woman in Sweden right now. Not funny at all. Its a relentless ouroborus of constructed illuminaty madness I don't have the answers to.

But this balancing of the feminine and masculine going on is real alright and it will show up in leadership roles. Some are already assuming this means women are better than men and the powers that be will be all over that for sure. A lot of blokes are pretty pissed of already... its gonna get weird. LOL

Ive been wanting to write a blog about this stuff for so long now but it turns out I don't have the right words but I know some who do. The interesting article below is from the lovely Jona Bryndis at Transcodes.com.

Turns out the highly empathic and sensitives of the world are working through this stuff already. I'm rapidly discovering that's what us caged canaries are actually for. Yes, we get sick first, and have been the ones the just KNEW all along that something was wrong with the world...we just never had the levels of information to back it up until now.

But we are also the ones to heal first too, which has to happen pronto so we can teach others how to do it. The earth is struggling with the assault and the shift has to speed up raise to the challenge. We ARE nature. Time to save ourselves/save earth. 

Anyway...this article breaks down the aspects of masculine/feminine within each of us. Thought it was worth a share.


Daily rant done..over n out.

Comment by Martin Harris on January 19, 2018 at 22:35

Thanks cats PJ. Glad you mentioned the Muslim factor. Important as they are the fastest growing and widest spreading religious and cultural group extant.

Saudi Arabia has invested in the 2030 Agenda in a big way, and the baby steps towards female liberalisation is all part of that. 

There's a long way to go yet, and I don't know how this will play out, but I'm hopeful some good comes out of it all.

Comment by cats pajamas on January 19, 2018 at 21:07

I think its all of the above Martin. Theres been the natural uplift of the feminine which has been sorely needed for an awful long time.  

But of course the powers that wanna have a plan...they have an absolute hatred of the true feminine in the black magic shadow governments. Just because we have token women leaders doesn't mean its all good for women. Some sure aren't that feminine at all...and its been a great way to pit men and women against each other.

It sure aint going well for women in Europe battling with radical Muslims and Sharia law. Which was always part of the plan...wait for women to get some real freedoms and take them away again. The horrifying reality of Muslim rape in Sweden (which appears to be falling apart right now) and Europe is something Ive been watching unfold.


Particularly grim knowing its been planned for a long time and not being reported anywhere much apart from Alt Right media.

But seeing the thing about the Muslim Women in Saudi gives me a bit of hope...they got the right to drive last year too so we can only hope that the rate of change outstrips the amount of crap the fat controllers keep chucking at us to keep us all in a state of conflict and trauma.

Change is inevitable. And hey...maybe if the whole world was run by expectant Mothers it wouldn't be so bad? Maybe we WONT go down in a steaming pile of hyperbolic cultural marxism???

Laters Comrades..LOL

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