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By Aug Telez
Oct 19.18

Do something meaningful if you want to assist in the mental liberation of others, if you want to provide the highest benefit to yourself and those around you. https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2018/10/19/end-of-program/

From Doreen

Global governance centralization of power without informing the people

From Doreen
Please watch the video or read the video text provided below to know what we are up against, while most people are purposefully distracted i.e. Jesuit Brett Kavanaugh’s US Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, 1 of the top 10 most watched television events in America, weather modified hurricanes, floods, droughts, firestorms, false flag terror attacks, political bread and circuses, threats of world war, collapse of fiat money, rogue planets in our solar system, aliens, Vatican scandals, etc., and unilateral decisions are being made by globalists that will greatly challenge the body, mind, Soul/Spirit and lives of most humans.

Avert global governance

Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017
Published on Sep 10, 2016

This international perspective will demystify within all global governance case studies, the global challenges we face in our respective communities. The public interest research and development on direct participatory democracy will inform civil society on how to ensure that the people united will control the decision-making process and avoid global governance.

We acknowledge efforts of individuals involved in this research for social inclusion, to ensure all people have final decision-making authority regarding all elements affecting their future well-being within all levels of governance. This is proposed in our direct democracy blueprint, which includes governance by consent of the people in a bottom-up approach rather than unilateral decisions being made by corporate governance with the right to veto the will of the people, such as the United Nations structure. Global corporations and governments have prepared multiple platforms for influencing the implementation of global public governance and a global citizenship using public administration networks.

Open government was initiated in 2011 by the Obama administration through the Open Government Partnership event as recommended by the United Nations corporation. This means that the United Nations has instructed all governments under the premise that we need change due to government corruption allegations and that governments need to be more interested in listening to the people through an incomplete social inclusion process that is only an impression for public administration to manipulate the citizens and remain in total control of the final decision-making process through their veto rights. The Open Government Partnership pretense serves to mask and avoid a complete social inclusion process in favor of corporate global governance under the auspices of climate change adopted at the COP21 International summit held in Paris.

The United Nations Public Administration Network, UNPA on open governance is a lore that does not include civil society as a whole because it is mainly focused on public administration. For this reason and many others we should not adopt it in its current form due to the lack of pure direct participatory democracy and a complete social inclusion process, while they create another level of false democracy. What does social inclusion mean? According to the government, it means to include the people in the decision-making process. It could mean that the government only consults 1 to 100 people questioned in a survey, petition, or through consultation to pass legislation. With the equitable society proposed by the Universal Alliance social inclusion means direct participatory democracy without global hierarchies such as the United Nations, and including within our own governments, having the right to veto the voice of the people within each of our countries.

Going back to 2011, let us highlight one important point of this conference initiated by the Obama administration. Obama states, “Among our commitments we’re launching a new online tool called ‘We the People’ to allow Americans to directly petition the White House and will share that technology so that any government in the world can able its citizens to do the same.” END quote.

03:51 mins
With the track record of the United States administration influencing the centralization of power through imposing a false democracy, ask yourself why the Obama administration is acting on all fronts to influence all other levels of government officials to breach their fiduciary duty to the people. What is the fiduciary duty to the people? A fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interest. Parties owing this duty are called fiduciaries. The individuals to whom they owe a duty are called principals. You can petition your government but at the end of the day they can still ignore your petition and decide on your behalf.

What else has been initiated without the knowledge of the general public supporting global governance? Even the World Parliament of Religions is participating and influencing the global corporate governance agenda through their declaration on climate change. All these spiritual leaders are most likely not aware of the controversy regarding climate change, which is disputed in a petition by over 31,000 scientists saying no to alarm about climate change in an international conference in July 2014. See primary links.

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball Gives an Explanation for LOOPY Al Gore’s Theory | 2018 https://needtoknow.news/2018/10/climatologist-dr-tim-ball-gives-exp...

Given the controversial nature of climate change and the circumstances within their countries, can global governance through the United Nations corporation be trusted to make unilateral decisions without direct consent and involvement of the people? Do you think that the United Nations un-elected body or any other level of governance should be allowed to police and dictate to the people at community level? Included in the United Nations global corporate agenda is the proposed Global Parliament of Mayors that further excludes the will of the people in support of greater control of the world’s human and natural resources in the hands of a few.

With these potentiary powers, our constitutional rights and jurisdictions are further eroded, and effectively place our mayors in a position where they too breach their fiduciary duties to the people. Projected in their descriptions of self-governance and self-determination, is the corporate city claiming to represent the citizens while the mayors have veto power to make decisions on their behalf. The rights of citizens cannot be replaced by assuming that corporate entities have a right to govern. When these corporations are paper entities, who should not be recognized by the court system, have the same benefits as people, and not have final decision-making power to govern. The Global Parliament of Mayors are knowingly circumventing all jurisdictions and the Constitution’s of Nations to create another level of false democracy, while maintaining absolute control of the decision-making process as recommended by the United Nations, advocating a false social inclusion and democracy.

06:49 mins
Do you consent to forfeit your rights to the corporate municipality through the Global Parliament of Mayors unilateral decision, promulgating a false democracy given that all levels of governance retain veto power over the people? The Strong Cities Network as introduced on September 28, 2015 at the United Nations is another platform that allows for the implementation of a global police force to execute UN corporate rules and laws bypassing the national, provincial, state, and municipal jurisdictions. Public servants supporting this are in violation of their constitutional and fiduciary duties as defined within the national perspective.

Given their track record and without your consent, the UNPA platform claiming to be a grassroots movement, was initiated in 2007 in preparation for global governance. What happened in Paris at COP21 was the beginning of the initiation of a World Parliament http://worldparliament-gov.org/ through the sustainable development programs Agenda 21, and UN 17 global goals from the United Nations. The campaign for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly of only 5,831 people to date, and their many funded promotional videos, websites, and chapters, helps create the illusion for the United Nations to claim that people are demanding global governance. They expect a World Parliament without the people’s consent, and to transition from international law to world law.

How do you feel about being ruled by world laws in your community? Who influences the legislation of such world laws? Will this absolute power be abused without the direct consent of the people, when the legislative process influenced by corporate interest groups has become completely detached from the reality of civil society? As John Dalberg states, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What is important to grasp is the original purpose of the United Nations for international peace and security, which has been a dismal failure, and they are now seeking global governance without a mandate by the people to do so. The corporate global governance and the private banking institutions have driven our economy into a global recession and are effectively moving towards complete control of the planet through further centralization of power by design.

11:19 mins
How do you feel about losing your rights to the jurisdiction of corporate global governance? The steering committee is a high-level body of individuals appointed by corporate governance to steer the United Nations secretary-general in their direction for control. They are not voted into these positions by the citizens so whom do they represent? What we are witnessing is a desperate attempt to move forward with the centralization of power for global governance. If you follow the involvement of these individuals in their steering committee here is proof positive of a perfect example of individuals on the steering committees managing and profiting from the United Nations COP21 global goals. World Bank Accenture published report to assist developing nations to create world-class identity management programs.

Washington D.C.; Sept. 28, 2015 – By gradually moving away from using different identity systems for different purposes and by using standard requirements and technologies that allow those existing systems to connect to each other, developing nations can start reaping the benefits of universal ID, said a new report from the World Bank and Accenture. Currently, over 1.8 billion adults in developing countries still lack an official ID and thus access to essential services. END https://newsroom.accenture.com/news/world-bank-and-accenture-publis...

Did you notice that those sitting on the United Nations committees are privileged in acquiring contracts at the expense of the taxpayers from all countries? This is a conflict of interest, is illegal, a criminal offense under Canada’s Criminal Code, and these are the people who want to create world laws. Give this information do you think that the centralization of services, within many levels of our municipal governance and education systems from our countries, would benefit from a one-size-fits-all United Nations governance and approach? What most people do not realize is that the 5 original founders of the United Nations have veto power. They can veto anything despite the financial contributions of all other countries. What everybody needs to understand is that the United Nations has no real democratic foundation and is completely funded through taxpayers and corporate money, and that all appointed public servants working within the United Nations have no constitutional or fiduciary duty because they are not legally accountable to the people of our respective countries whatsoever. The definition of veto is an act of forbidding something by a person in authority or power of a president, governor, or mayor to prevent something from becoming law. How many of you were unaware of this vital information.

What is coming in 2016 is worldwide constitutional treason. Public servants working within the United Nations are predominantly good hard-working people who may not understand the consequences of the underlying proposals within the many levels of the United Nations.

14:32 mins
The United Nations has failed to eradicate wars and injustice according to their original charter since its inception. They also greatly expanded their control into many facets outside of their mandate. The only thing to prevent the UN global governance agenda within the COP21/195 country agreement was the difference between the words SHOULD and SHALL. This was a significant controversy arising at the last minute after approving the Paris COP21 Agreement from the draft to the final documents. A seemingly small error but one with enormous implications where the word SHOULD was in place of the words SHALL.

SHOULD implies a moral obligation but does not compel a nation to do something.
SHALL however means there would be a legal obligation to undertake the action.

Imagine if a lawyer had not noticed the word SHOULD had been replaced at the last minute with the word SHALL, what the legal implications of this deliberate attempt to impose the United Nations global corporate New World Order agenda on the governance of our countries might be.

Given the United Nations’ hidden agenda; manipulation for global governance, wouldn’t it be better that the United Nations were guided through a pure democratic mandate by the people within an open society platform, and all nations being equal without veto rights? If this publicly funded institution would be given the opportunity to transform its underlying governing structure, it could be used to achieve world peace, bring an end to poverty through the social inclusion of the people, in a pure direct participatory democracy emanating from civil society to the international level of governance. The United Nations then would be in a position to fulfill their original mandate by contributing and facilitating the decentralization of power in the hands of the people through the implementation of a complete social inclusion process, and operate in full transparency. The United Nations would also benefit humanity by further helping the release of beneficial free technologies to the people globally, such as offered by the Keshe Foundation, which recently released solutions for world peace, and through openly sharing clean technologies that will revolutionize life on the planet, and restore any damage done to the environment. Please view the primary links for reference video.

From Doreen

Cooperation between businesses and elected politicians is empowering the new world order. Public silence is implied consent empowering subjugation of the people.  https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/the-trump-prophe...

https://ourgreaterdestiny.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/voters.jpg?w=150&h=90 150w, https://ourgreaterdestiny.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/voters.jpg?w=... 300w, https://ourgreaterdestiny.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/voters.jpg 720w" sizes="(max-width: 531px) 100vw, 531px" width="531" height="319" />

‘Protected Sun’ [Nicole Lebrasseur] works tirelessly doing research, videos, ZOOM calls, writing, building websites, speaking publicly, etc. as well as other individuals, to reveal naked reality so that more people can save themselves, family, and home planet. In closing:


Please share this post to give others a heads up and do something meaningful. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Comment by Vinyl Lady on October 26, 2018 at 14:35

Agreed, George.  The whole game is THEIR game with THEIR rules...

and no matter how we engage, we never win. There are tiny victories to keep us fighting.  The system is designed to create struggle. Heck...everything inside this reality that lives....dies.

People get outraged by This-or-That but never grasp the big picture. The big picture is the Beast and it must be fed!  It seems to get bigger with each passing year.

Any government that has failed to cure poverty, disease and pollution by now should be fired.  The technology is available....yet people believe it's OUR fault.

Comment by George W. Reichel on October 26, 2018 at 1:54

I think it's way too late.Public has been dumbed down to such a degree that your excellent post might as well be the Voynich Manuscript if they attempted to read it.

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