Modified weather?

Now into the fourth straight day of rain here in Christchurch. I have noticed how too much rain now is starting to kill off Scarlet Runners and other veges including Tomato plants growing in our garden. I have had to prop up some Cauliflowers and Broccoli plants as they have collapsed with the weight of the rain and sodden soil etc.

I also noticed many chem trails above us leading up to the 11th of March, and would not only here but nationwide too.

Ironically the above started on an 11 here, the 33 day of an ongoing number sequence of 55 that I have been tracking since February 22nd 2011. 

Too much water kills outdoor plants, vegetation and grass, and floods as we know.

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Comment by rose on March 14, 2017 at 22:17

404'd  - see that a lot these days

Comment by Lee Jun-fan on March 14, 2017 at 17:16

Other uses of "weather bomb"

The term "weather bomb" is popularly used in New Zealand to describe dramatic and/or destructive weather events. Only very rarely are these actually instances of explosive cyclogenesis, as the rapid deepening of low pressure areas is rare around New Zealand.[18] This use of "bomb" may lead to confusion with the more strictly defined meteorological term.

The term is often misused in North America,[19] confused with heavy snowfall and nor'easters (which do sometimes undergo the rapid pressure drop required to meet the strict meteorological definition). In Japan, the term bomb cyclone (爆弾低気圧 bakudan teikiatsu?) is used both academically and commonly to refer to an extratropical cyclone which meets the meteorological "bomb" conditions.[20][21]

From wiki,

LOL and when I tried to view the page from the metservice on articles on weather bomb (which I first became aware of the term to describe the strange weather events after Feb 22/2011) is 404ed

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