Weep, oh, Earth!

Thy lot’s been drawn 

to incubate 

mankind's birth dawn. 

And weep ere more

‘tis told that he 

shall propagate 

to conquer thee!

His arrogance 

will take your breath 

Oh, pray for aide 

that stays your death!

Water and air

and all the land 

Weep now in dread

of mankind’s hand!

© by B Gayle Dailey  06-03-2003

I hear that visit pristine, wild land, we must now go to western Canada. So much of our own is under millions of pounds of concrete and steel or is unusable because we have poisoned it. Now they say the oceans have been disastrously overfished and heavily polluted. Mountains are leveled for the coal or ore inside them, spilling the dross into the valleys, clogging streams and destroying habitat of wild things, promoting floods. There are those who rejoice each time a gigantic new machine chews it’s way through the breast of Mother Earth and tames some new area, as if wilderness is an enemy. There are many who do not rejoice, and we weep with Her. But now, NOW, we must use the gifts we have at hand to counter the evils being done to our home. We-US, the people of the Earth must awaken from our sleep and shout on the street corners… our message, “We are in a war for our planet!”

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Comment by Janie Langley on March 5, 2018 at 20:51

Thank You Barbara. Perhaps twice told better than once. Good Word’s, Truth, the ingredient’s to the wonderful recipe. Ingredient’s are important, the bitter can easily destroy the desired nourishment. The ingredient’s that make us need to be carefully considered, chosen, beware of ingredient’s that add bitterness to the self.

Comment by Barbara G Dailey on March 5, 2018 at 14:00

Apologies for double post of this item. Don't know what I did, don't know how to fix it. I'm learning my way around here. 

Comment by Margaret Boardman on March 5, 2018 at 13:41

We are in a war for our lives and our planet....our future depends on it. The Earth is a living entity and does take care of itself, slowly but surely if we help. We will lose many species but we will get new species. It is not so much the humans, it is the corporations run by the NWO that could careless about us or the planet. These weapons, Nukes and other crap they have that poison living things, are mostly to blame. They have poisoned our waters, our air and our food, depleting soils, and Gmo's. They are our enemy, they consider us as cattle and they are in depopulation mode.


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