WHO OWNS THE WWW NET PEOPLE this weeks news on Net Neutrality from Senate of the A-MER-I-CANS


OK Folks a Story of the NET or how to Capture the people of the Planet in a NET of Intrigue and Deceit.

History OF Modern WAR Fairs. ( a Tongue in Cheek look at Realities Trap of the HU Man Mind KIND)

(From John the Scribe on Holiday as in Gone Fishing on South Coast of Australia in A Garden of the Edens Beach Camp)

1st Step Invent Computer Technologies all strange from Valves and no Transistors or IC's Integrated Circuity condensed from Silicon Based Non Carbon Technologies.

2nd Step. Blast a Few UFO's Friendlies from the Skies over Ros KILL and say Holly Heck another Balloon Mystery Solved Ha Ha Ha sorry Little Grays for dissecting U all in Causes of how to Find out WHO U are and HOW U tick.

3rd Step Release the DAPA Technico's onto the (4th Dimensional Grays) Technologies and Back Engineer the Little Critters Technologies. This group of Grays on a Scouting Trip to Earth Realm 3 to Observe how in Past Timelines they Sterilized a RACE of Hu Mans and turned in Shriveled up Wasted Hemaptho Dickless Ones. Sorry DID U all not Know the Grays are US all from the Future Possibilities sorry to Shock U all into Realities of some Possible TRUTHS.

4th Step Have a Race to the MOON AND GET A FAMOUS Movie Producer to FAKE a Moon Landing so to Capture Credits on Planet Earth for the Stars and Glory Nations of 52 States. Pat on Back (Tricky Dicky Nixon) the Joke was a Funny One and everyone thought Neil ARMed Strong stepped into a English Stage Set with many Studio Lights and Said Holly Heck I never Rehearsed this "But a Small Step for ME and A Giant Step for MAN Kind" Ha Ha Ha no sorry Folks thats Johns 2nd Cup of Coffee Talking at 7:01am.
(PS see my Blog on Faked MOON Landings***)

5th Step of Science of Earth's A-Mer-I-Cans Technologies of Wunder-ments. Holly Heck I discovered a Transistor from Silicon Based Electro Techonlogies when all I had was a Heated Valve Moving Electrons around inside a Light Bulb Vacuum. A Great Leg Warmer Radio Technologies.

6th Step Lets Make a Computer or 2 and 1001 Input/Output Binary Mathematics Off/ON Switches and NAND and NOR IC Circuities. Sorry Folks Have I lost you all yet. Any Electronic Wizards will know What I mean.

7th Step Holly Heck I have a Computer a Box sold for $10000 US and it is called a IBM Personal 286 Computer. IBM Sold many Building sized Room Heater's to Gullible Businesses as a TAX Dodge to do Computer Data's Unknown for Share Holders and Dodgy Businessman.

8th Step How to Link a Planet of Gullible Ones in a TRAP of Intrigues. Using the WWW = World Wide. Net of Smaller Linked Computers in Time of the Cold Wars if One Computer in a Building gets HIT.Traffic switches to the Next on the World Wide Net and all stays online to see the Next Nuke incoming from our Mates in the Northern Hemispheres of Many States of Unrest. Called United States of Soviets Russians. Better than any A -MER -I -CAN’s any day. As they Have GLUE-Lags ( Sticky Places in Colder Climates than St Petersburg and MOSCOW) for any Free Thinking Ruskie Free Thinkers.

Aside to todays Little Funny Story of what G L U E means

All Reduced to “GLUE” = C-0/1-ded Messages Decoded into a Funny Anna gramical sage to the En-Lightened Ones = GLUE = (Governments of Little Unified Entities) a GRAY Entities Joke back on the A MER I Can Nations of Idiots and Mindless Zombie Sheeples. Sorry to all the Stateless Ones of Free Thinking People who have awoken to the Untruth’s they have all been Brought up on in the Land of the Stars and Stripes. GOD = DOG Bless America Land of Free Masonry and Holly Wooded Propaganda Movie Stars of Royalties and Money with Pyramid With Eyes on Top on Dollar Bills and Washing Tomes Repositories of European Power Families of “Rothie Childens “and Other Zillion Aire Families Ruining the the Planet of the DOOMED ONES.

for being Stuck behind BARS in a Freezer. NO Puns WELL many infact JOHN Tells Funny Stories as he is Part I-Rish. Never Believe a Irishman after 10th Guinness of the Golden Elixirs of Tongue Looseners.

Sorry Folks we all Digress from the Story.

Story is WWW ( World Wide NET) or the WWW was Invented by the War Techno Monster's of Business to Warn of Incoming NUKES in a Cold War. But it Back Fired as People’s of the Planet did not want to be Incinerated by the Stupid Ones like in Past Times back in India 6000 BC or maybe 10,000BC where all Got Turned to Glass and Black Obsidians. ( Nuked Soil and Sand = Radioactive Glasses).


WWW or Net Neutrality and how does it affect U all Folks WHO in the World Owns many Computers. Linked by Wired and Fiber Optics and Satellites in Orbit. WELL Big Muti-Zillion $ Businesses own all Folks and YOU R SLAVES to the Technologies of the Times in Mass Mind Controlling.

Like Smart Phones, Computers.

NOT so Smart Android TV's and other Mind Manipulating Chemicals in Foods and Mass Produced Poisons they Feed to the Masses of Sheeple Zombies in time of Severe Changes on Planet Earth.

Moral of todays Little Tongue in CHEEKY Poke at Reality is BEWARE Folks the

“DOG Bites Back “ Woof Woof Woof another Coded Annagramtical Silly Saying.

Ha Ha Ha
PS Spell DOG Backwards

and Tell me WHO is really in Charge of this REALITY FOLKS. From a Non Denominational Person of Re-Lig-UOUS Studies.

John the Scribing One

ON Holiday Gone Fishing for More Peoples Minds to Capture back from UN Truths of Propaganda Mind Programming.

Called FAKE NEWS and Ed-U-Cations.

A Little Y-Tube Clip from Who Lit the Fires and Doomed a Planet to too Many RADS and Other Nasties Radicals. NO Jokes Intended Team WAKE UP NOW And take back control of the planet now before all too late.


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