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"The pressure is bearing down upon our anti-geoengineering movement. Primary activists are under assault by directed energy weapons as social media mechanisms pressure activists like Dutchsinse to shut down. The Cascade Subduction Zone . ."
Elana Freeland replied to rose's discussion Incidence of childhood cancers skyrockets: is modern life destroying the health of our children?
"Takes 3 generations to develop cancer. That's about right for crappy corporate food and unwise parenting practices. Sorry to sound so brutal, but I've watched it happen. 3 generations . . ."
Sep 10
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New Antarctica Anomalies Documentary 2018 There is DEFINITELY Something Under the Ice

"Not sure what role the Smithsonian or National Geographic Society played in this Disclosed Truth TV video, so not sure about all those long-ago dates."
Sep 9
Elana Freeland replied to Robin D P Watson's discussion Please consider
""Miracle" re-greening, my you-know-what. The global elites have been sequestering life-producing CO2 (thanks to the bogus Paris Conference in 2015 and Obama) for their own use and now have to let a little of it out or watch all the forests…"
Sep 9
Elana Freeland replied to George W. Reichel's discussion Trump's 5G Network Raises Concern
"Wow. Truthout and Earth / Food / Life are waaaaaayyyyyy weird in blaming "the Trump administration" for 5G. It was planned long before Trump, back to Obama and GWB. And how exactly does one undo the FCC and Telecommunications Act of 1996…"
Sep 8
Elana Freeland replied to Saru G's discussion New York Catholic dioceses subpoenaed in sex abuse probe
"Time to re-watch Spotlight."
Sep 7
Elana Freeland commented on rose's video
Sep 6
Elana Freeland replied to Au Tiko's discussion Former Intelligence Officials speak out about Spys infiltrating Trumps campaign team.
"Should I mention this in this context? The CIA's been a busy fascist bee my entire life. https://qz.com/1145669/googles-true-origin-partly-lies-in-cia-and-nsa-research-grants-for-mass-surveillance/"
Sep 5
Elana Freeland commented on rose's video

We Built This City - Chistchurch (NZST Music Video)

"Blocked in my country on copyright grounds."
Aug 28
Elana Freeland commented on Martin Harris's blog post Gatewy Overpass At Harewood (Illuminati symbolism)
"Thanks, Martin! My comment with the post: We shall see more and more of these Illuminati "public works of art" after weather disasters such as the Christchurch earthquake on 2/22/2011 clear the way…"
Aug 27
Elana Freeland replied to Mr. T's discussion Fires in Okanagan, BC rage on!!!
"This article is apparently bogus, much like The Onion https://www.thebeaverton.com/2018/08/federal-government-thanks-wildfires-for-clearing-path-for-trans-mountain-pipeline/ But is the pipeline accurate? Was its path correspondent with…"
Aug 26
Elana Freeland commented on Saru G's video

The Dangers of Cadmium

"Two excerpts from http://www.amazon.com/Chemtrails-HAARP.../dp/1936239930:   "In the mid-1950s and again a decade later, St. Louis kids watched low-flying Army planes crop-dust zinc cadmium sulfide laced with radioactive particles over…"
Aug 26
Elana Freeland commented on Mark Fahey's blog post The Clinton Communist Conspiracy
"Strange how the liberal left -- many of whom are college-educated -- haven't put together that globalization is really Communism. Very strange . . . I figured it out decades ago."
Aug 25
Elana Freeland replied to rose's discussion Expect delays: full body x-ray scanners coming to New Zealand airports
"Ask for a pat-down."
Aug 23
Elana Freeland replied to George W. Reichel's discussion Of Ants and Asskicking
"So true, that last sentence . . ."
Aug 22
Elana Freeland replied to rose's discussion Geoengineering Could Lead To Lower Crop Yields: New Study
"Hilarious! Tyler at Zero Hedge should wake up and smell the ozone from two decades of geoengineering. Ask India, now under weather warfare attack, about their crop yield. How clever to mention it in such a false context while active assault is going…"
Aug 22

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Elana Freeland on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Synett Sunday May 18 at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 9:06 0 Comments

The thrust to let people know about Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth begins!


And just to remind people of the "closing HAARP":…


ECHELON Today: The Evolution of an NSA Black Program

Posted on August 12, 2013 at 14:16 1 Comment


US Government Protection of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole by Peter Dale Scott

Posted on August 12, 2013 at 3:00 0 Comments

For those who don't know Dr. Peter Dale Scott, here is his usual excellent research supporting why people like me refer to al-Qaeda as al-CIA-duh. Peter Dale Scott is my Noam Chomsky. I appreciate Chomsky for his media analysis and critiques of U.S. foreign policy, but because of his ongoing relationship with MIT (a big military contractor university) and his…


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At 9:08 on March 28, 2018, rose said…

At 12:03 on August 15, 2015, Gerry Paterson said…

My pleasure Elana!

Doing my bit to help you is helping the World, and god knows we need help.

I learned some too, as I lived in Sweden for 13 years and left partly because of how increasingly Totalitarian and invasive it was becoming (this was in 1983 so I was ahead of my time and didn't know how right I was). The people are also often irritatingly confident that their Gov. and other "Experts" are always right and want their "Best", so actively resist learning and happily ridicule and condemn anyone who says differently. Not a good environment for one who can smell the BS and wishes to question. 

Just their total adoration of anything US, which I see is very much alive and well, made me suspicious initially and by the time I left was almost enough to make me vomit. Coming to NZ was a complete breath of fresh air in comparison and here it still feels as if the "believers" are in minority, and in decline.

I have a small following of likeminded people in Sweden, and have forwarded this article to them so it will do some good there too.

Be careful and keep up the good work!

Peace...one day, Love...immediately,


At 14:42 on December 8, 2014, President GNNA NFP Inc. said…

Dear Elana,

Sent an invite to friend. If you want you can request contact via Skype presidentgnha.

All that was great in the past was ridiculed, suppressed... only to emerge all the more... triumphantly from the struggle. Let the future tell the truth and evaluate... accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked, is mine. [Nikola Tesla, more to quote]


At 8:13 on November 16, 2014, James Boyd said…

Elana !!!!

Just poking around on the website and I see you are becoming popular and that your Book it seems will become a HOT Item.  Good Luck but you will not need Luck.  I think you have provided something we need. 

At 7:27 on November 16, 2014, James Boyd said…

Hello Elana,

  I have for you someone to contact if you are interested in coming to Seattle for a Discussion/question & Answer/lecture ect...  Public Service Programs and Events Manager, Downtown Region (DWN) #206-386-4650, Central Library - 3rd Floor,  Contact email is... Chris.Higashi@spl.org  I hope you can find the time.  Thankyou, James B. Boyd

At 7:38 on November 15, 2014, James Boyd said…
Hello Elana, I want you to know that the Seattle Public Library has purchased 2 of your Books to start. Since you are in Olympia I think you should make yourself available for a Book signing or discussion. I have asked about having a discussion and have been sent back up to the science dept. to talk with them about having a discussion about your book but I think that you could easily get in contact with the Library here and set up a date and time. I can attend and would like to meet you. James B. Boyd
At 9:51 on November 1, 2014, rose said…

Take a doom break

At 2:55 on June 11, 2014, IamAnotherYou said…




At 7:39 on September 11, 2012, rose said…

At 12:39 on September 3, 2012, rose said…


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