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request Feedback on new tech causing chemtrails

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rady Ananda Nov 5, 2013. 36 Replies

hey, y'all ~ I'm writing another big piece on chemtrails and came upon this explanation for their appearance since the early 80s, but for sure for all jets after 1990.  It seems logical, so maybe…Continue

Tags: cirrus, formation, contrails, persistent, bypass

Nanotech Food Test May Expose Chemtrail Poisoning

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rady Ananda Aug 27, 2013. 7 Replies

There's a new test now to locate and identify nanoparticles in food, which I suggest be used to check for Aluminum, barium, strontium and fluoride, in my article:…Continue


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TransEvolution: Ridding the planet of pesky humans

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 8:01 5 Comments

Rady Ananda

Activist Post

In TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction, Daniel Estulin crafts a cogent and frightening scenario for the end of Homo sapiens, as new technologies enable genetic changes, bionic replacements and…


Deception of the Anti-Government “Protests” in Venezuela: A Photo Gallery

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 7:54 5 Comments

By Dawgs Blog

Global Research


The polarized politics of Venezuela are again in the news as demonstrations by pro- (see the first photograph below) and anti-government forces are taking place, with, at this point, four deaths: a government supporter; an opposition demonstrator; a police officer; and one of uncertain…


Cloaked aircraft linked with chemtrails: Roxy Lopez interview

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 19:37 4 Comments

Roxy Lopez interviews Jim Kerr, Sean Gautreaux and Sherry Bunker about cloaked craft, hiding within chemtrails.


Fascinating ideas, mostly new to me.

Here's the program description:



War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 13:47 8 Comments

Rady Ananda

Activist Post

Before the first official bomb lands on…

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At 6:40 on October 10, 2014, James Boyd said…

I have been trying to think critically.  Here in Seattle the Temp. hit about 80.  80 degrees in seattle at this time of the yr. (oct. 7, 2014)  is unheard of.   The Heat is intense, the sun seems to have grown.  There was no attempt to conceal the chemtrails.  Broad daylight.  People easily drawn into a conversation of chemtrails.  Many people are aware of the terminology and are knowledgeable of their contents of heavy metals and the geo engineering that comes with it.

Are the gov'ts involved doing people a favor by keeping the purpose of chemtrails a secret by not answering the questions we have asked.  Is it simply that Planet Earth is losing Ozone exponentially and what we are seeing is a last chance option to mitigate the end result?  Are we being spared the Truth of what is an absolute? No Ozone no life on earth.  Is spraying of chemtrails a way to delay the absolute to give time for these people to find/prepare/build/stock/provision a safe haven for only those who can afford the safety of what has been constructed.  If not for the chem spraying off the west coast and over seattle I believe the Temps. would have easily reached 100 degrees.  Are they preventing a Panic by spraying and buying themselves time?  This is where my critical thinking has gotten me.  Also I want to mention that as I walked past Harborview Medical Hospital I noticed that there are 100's of stretcher boards lined up 10-20 deep leaning against the Hosp. near the Heliport.  It is really scary, the weather here is surreal, people are knowledgeable of what is going on but silent just the same.  It is like being in a movie that you do not want to be in.

At 21:37 on October 29, 2013, rose said…

At 16:42 on April 12, 2012, rose said…

At 8:29 on February 23, 2012, rose said…

Hi Rady - just wanted to do a drive by and say thanks for your work here.  Been watching with interest. You certasinly have been offering some valuable input.

Arohanui (Love with much affection - Maori, NZ)



At 9:51 on February 1, 2012, Mr. Wolfe said…

Hi Rady!

I admire your work. Glad to see you here.



At 8:58 on February 1, 2012, rose said…


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