2/10/2018 -- Core of the Earth Mystery Solved? New experiment may change the geoscience world

Big shoutout to MrFixitRick with his 'spinning plasma ball' experiment! Be sure to subscribe to MrFixitRick's channel to show support for independent scienti...

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Comment by cats pajamas on February 13, 2018 at 15:47

Epic Sarah!

All roads lead to Tesla...finally huh, people cracking the research that went "underground" the past century. And yep, theres our travelling magnetic poles in action.

Interesting demonstration of earths chakra here too. For those who might think chakras are new age woo woo, well...we all have chakras. The new age sure misrepresented all that but its ancient eastern knowledge that these are the energy centres through which we process our thoughts and feelings. 

The mad military scientists are trying as hard as they can to mess with the inner core of earth for a reason. But in the long run they are messing with a much bigger force than they could ever deal with. Its whats happening in the mean time that's our trip to deal with in whatever way we can.

Anyone wondering why MrFixitRick's getting shadow banned and twitter porn makes it through...they are desperately keeping everyones energy focused on primal instincts.

Perverting the lower chakras through unhealthy sexual appetites. Or put in another way, keeping us in the old reptilian brain which keeps people in primal "sex and violence for survival mode". None of that allows for questioning reality or higher reasoning.

Its all linked.. the holographic nature of the universe makes it so.

Having a cosmic philosophical moment here,  just loving how science reflects the nature of the ultimate creator. 

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