Black Carbon from Aircraft Exhaust is Destroying Ozone, Melting Poles

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Comment by Gerry Paterson on August 21, 2017 at 20:33

Lets get a few things straight, first: 

Flying around burning copious quantities of toxic chemicals at 10km altitude is plainly(haha) ridiculous from so many angles its hard to know which is worse, the pollution or the radiation and rapid pressure changes (the TRUE cause of Deep Vein Thrombosis) the millions of passengers endure.


The Earth is a Sphere, or rather its trying to be, but due to centrifugal force (I think) its slightly flatter at the poles.

This adds to another inconvenient truth; there is very little sunlight at the poles, that...(god thinking is hard) means it is colder there!

In fact in the Winter the Sun does not rise AT ALL for months. Then maybe in the Summer you think its going to make up for it by not going down? Hardly, it never gets higher than 15 degrees for about an hour before it goes back to skimming just above the Horizon, thats why its cold there!

It is -60 C at any given time in Antarctica, Water Freezes at 0 (logical eh Americans?) lets see if I can work out how much warmer it has to get to melt the ice...øøøøø, na I give up, its too hard, I think I'll just go back to not listening and therefore not reacting to the fact I'm hearing utter rubbish!

Sorry but I'm so sick of hearing that one...

I think whether or not Ozone is being destroyed is a minor worry under the circumstances.

Actually its not a worry at all because although an aircraft would destroy Ozone, it would have to hurry because Ozone Destroys ITSELF almost instantly after it is formed, and that is LUCKY for us as it destroys your lungs too!

Have you ever wondered why, every time the destruction of Ozone is parroted their is never any mention of how it was formed in the first place?

There is a good reason for that: If you were listening you would be able to work out the truth in about 5 seconds: It is made by the SUN, constantly.

I wonder what part of the Sunlight could hit the Atmosphere with such force it would be able to split apart the pairs of Oxygen in it so some of them could momentarily reform back into triples instead=O3 (Ozone is very unstable), lets must be the most energetic part of the spectrum!

Give that man a Cigar!

Do I have to point out what that bit of the spectrum is called???

That is why there is no Ozone at the poles

That is why there is no Ozone at night

That is why there is no "Ozone Layer" or gigantic pair of sunglasses hanging up there filtering out the.....

Just like with the Inconveniently "Not Happening All Over Warming Thingy", where the Temperature LEADS the Carbon Dioxide to increase in concentration and not the other way around, they have the Ozone Sunglasses Thingy arse before Tit.

There is a relationship between the two (just like with everything in the Universe) but they have, deliberately, fudged the Science because a lie based on a truth is more believable than an outright lie.

As usual there is a lot of "Money" involved (the most important thing in the Universe) so that little fact is well hidden, resulting in a lot of well intentioned people being surreptitiously co opted.

Comment by Michael Rose on August 21, 2017 at 10:17

We would hear a whole lot more about black carbon
if only Al F Gore faked some way of banking the stuff
along with his phony carbon credits 

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