Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio

It's been a while now since Clifford Carnicom (, one of the world's foremost researchers in geoengineering, has visited with us at Lost Arts Radio, so his appearance this coming Sunday is an event you will not want to miss. Clifford is the founder of the Carnicom Institute, and is fully dedicated to his work of identifying the materials actually in the air we breathe, that are not supposed to be there. Last time we had the privilege of talking with Clifford, he told us straight out, there is a lot more in the residue in our air than just the aluminum, barium and strontium that are typically the first contaminants investigators of the chemtrails phenomenon discover. He went on to explain that dried blood cells and other biological contaminants of great importance were raining down on us, and he had personally seen them under the microscope in his lab.

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