Dr Judy Wood talks to Andrew Johnson about California Wildfires 17 Oct 2017

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Please consider that whatever happened or did not happen in these terrible fires and whatever their cause, it does not affect what happened on 911 and what is shown in the evidence pertaining to the events on *that* day.


Note: If anyone watches this is "offended" then let me say that the main point she/we were trying to make was that people were jumping to conclusions about the use of technology similar or the same as that which was used on 911.

I do point out that I don't know if weather control tech was used to make any fires worse, once they got started. I don't if that was the case and I don't know how the fires started.

To establish what happened, careful investigation is needed and, Dr Wood (and I) were pointing out that what has come out so far does not seem to be that careful. Look what happened with 911 - careful investigation was not done and so there now exist whole swathes of people who disbelieve the official story but now believe another false story. Hence, our motivation for that discussion was to comment on that sort of situation.

Again, when so much has been damaged and lost, isn't there a need for careful investigation before jumping to conclusions?

As I have said to people before, it is easy to mistake arrogance for experience. Also, we are volunteers, not paid investigative specialists. We offered thoughts on some of the videos that have come out about the California fires.

I am always sorry for loss or for upset, but please understand that we were making comments about people jumping to conclusions. You might also want to send any comments to someone else who has more influence in investigating the issues than us.

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Comment by rose on November 8, 2017 at 7:21

The insurance companies came out on top in NZ's quakes VL - insurance policies have been dissected, rewritten and the companies get a ton more money for policies and have made a bunch of new policies and rules up while they were at it.  Everyone gets their slice of the pie. 

Appart from developing a massive area from crop insurance, take a gander at this.

Business Of Disaster: Insurance Firms Profited $400 Million After Sandy


Lots of info like this on line showing insurance fraud.

Comment by Vinyl Lady on November 8, 2017 at 4:05

It will be interesting to hear what the insurance people have to say about all this....

or perhaps what they think.....if we ever are permitted to hear those thoughts. Genuine, frank opinions seem to only come from professionals who are retired and their paycheck isn't at risk.

If this was an attack, there must be some kind of deal in place to support the big insurance companies who will shoulder the loss.  We have been led to believe these fires are the result of some crazy white guy with a fixation on fire....just like the crazy white guys who gun down children in movie theaters and churches. 


Comment by rose on November 7, 2017 at 19:13

Thoughts from another
Most of the SoCal fire "anomalies" are easily explained by the natural science of microwave-assisted combustion synthesis.... microwave assisted combustion is NOT a natural occurrence _but_ the observations of what happens when electric fields of material are manipulated, is quite predictable and sadly, this seems to be exactly what is being documented in these videos of the cal fire.

Comment by rose on November 7, 2017 at 12:47

While things certainly look out of place - 'weird' as such, it certainly is WAY to soon to make statements about how this happened.  99.9% of people have NO IDEA what is what in military/space weaponry, so I agree with Judy Wood.  A hell of a lot more observation has to take place and using Judy Wood's name to make directed energy weapon claims is certainly not appropriate in this case.

Nice to see you VL ♥

Comment by Vinyl Lady on November 7, 2017 at 11:53

Clearly these people know nothing of forest fires or wild fires.  They spoke about what was left after the fires "looks weird to the untrained eye. All fires look weird to the untrained eye."

Uh huh.

The problem with the California fire is how weird it looked to the trained eye. I have been evacuated approximately 5 times over 30 years due to fire and have spent much time looking over the terrain, burnt out houses, burned cars, etc.  The fires in Northern California looked very weird.

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