Flem-Ath presents Antarctica is Atlantis

Flem-Ath presents Antarctica is Atlantis in 1996. Although this is a 22 year old presentation it was groundbreaking in its time. Very interesting arguments a...

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Comment by Martin Harris on September 10, 2018 at 21:34

Thanks Vernon

I've seen Atlantis placed at a mind boggling variety of locations over the decades.

Including my home!!

Before the earthquakes started here, the Christchurch City Council went Atlantis mad. They named the new flash suburb right next to my street Atlantis, complete with a Lost City Golf Course and the QE2 swimmimg complex given an Atlantis themed makeover. Soon afterwards, the whole lot,,,sunk! Literally it all sunk into the earth thanks to being overwhelmed by the neighbouring swamp that washed into it during the quakes. It's now an abandoned and largely demolished ruin slowly returning to nature. They have now rebuilt the pool though, but minus ye Atlantean theme!

Comment by cats pajamas on September 10, 2018 at 19:42

Vernon! Thought we just found the REAL Atlantis!!! Actually that was an interesting clip thanks :-)

I guess it doesn't really matter which is Platos Atlantis and which are the remains of other global cultures, reality is theres been world wide civilisations before but evolutionary history...and history in general has been altered so much to fit the wants of the fat controllers its hard to know which is which.

Thanks for the run down of the history of the search for Atlantis Martin, dug out my old Flem Ath book and it jogged my memory from the 80s and 90s. But this time round with Max Igans recent clips its all made much more sense. Interesting too, that he got onto Attila Flenks work on linguistics that shows a common denominator of the Magyar language. (Thats some kind of Hungarian I think?)

As for what they are actually up to in Antarctica, anyones guess really. For sure theres a lot of scientific research on climate down there, and theres massive oil reserves too which are meant to be protected. Could be the whole shebang for all we know...ancient cities with treasures/pyramids/lost knowledge, massive underground bases doing god only knows what (hitler was mad keen on the place the mind boggles), ufos, illegal drilling for oil, spaceports. Sentient oil/black goo. 

As for hollow earth, yeah well there probably some kind of truth in it. Arctic or Antarctic eh? Those Viking countries sure have some interesting myths and legends and were much greater seafarers than people know. In the videos Ive seen of Admiral Bryd I must say he does have a peculiar reptilian look about him. Maybe they are all down there. Pretty sure that's been on Dr Who...;-)

Antarctica and Atlantis, a veritable pick and mix of conspiracy postulations which in itself tells you theres some they seriously want covered up.

Comment by Vernon Howell on September 10, 2018 at 14:11


Here is a video from you tube just posted 5 days ago, he provides great evidence to his location of city central to the Atlantis civilization.   

Comment by Martin Harris on September 9, 2018 at 22:54

Yes Max Igan is promoting the Atlantean Global culture thing these days. It was proposed as far back as the 1950s by Charles Hapgood (another of Hancock's sources) the guy who brought the famous Piri Reis map fragment to the world's attention. Around the same time Thor Heyerahl proposed a similair global culture, and in the 80s David Hatcher Childress journeyed the world in search of the Atlantean trademark Cyplopean architecture, writing the amazing "Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of..." book series. Nowadays Brian Foerster has picked up the torch.

The signs are everywhere that there was indeed a transmission of knowledge and engineering/construction style that must hve originated with a "mother culture" that existed before the great meltdown of the last Ice Age. Antarctica is the logical place to start looking as Hapgood and the Flem-Aths have demonstrated. Clearly the Elite feel a connection to the place and are treating it like a place of pilgrimage!

As for the Hollow Earth, that subject has bugged me all my life: There's something to it.Maybe not a totally hollow planet, but something that intuition tells me has more to do with the Arctic. Something up there they want to distract us from.

Comment by cats pajamas on September 9, 2018 at 21:37

Oh it turns out Im not finished. LOL.

Not sure if its in the 2nd hour but in this interview Tom Montauk goes into how he thinks the pyramids were used to steer the axis of the whole planet (you really have to hear this one to believe it!). And how this could be linked to there being no archeological evidence for a period of worshipping the symbols of and Cancer and Gemini, like we completely skipped those astronomical cycles altogether. Straight from the Lion/Cat worship to the Bull cults. Not sure if that's archeologically accurate at these questions have been itching the back of my mind for years.


Maybe this all ties in with the Antarctic Pyramid theory? Who knows, a wildy imaginative person might think something about the illoominarty being down there playing with ancient underground pyramids and other technology affecting the electromagnetic poles and consequently the future of the whole planet.

Was remembering this from your pyramid thread BTW..I think it was Elena Freeland that dropped this link. http://www.godelectric.org/

Could all be linked, or not. Dunno...just some highly speculative Sunday night thoughts on my part.

Comment by cats pajamas on September 9, 2018 at 21:07

Wow that's a good one Martin, haven't watched the "New" Antarctic vid yet but this brought ALOT of stuff together that Ive been looking at lately. And now more questions arise!

Max Igan did some great YTs recently about a worldwide civilisation that he postulates could have been what we call Atlantean, but his research points to it not being as long ago as we think. That sure triggered off a few rabbit holes for me.

Max Igans recent YTs on this are titled Everything Is A Lie, then Piecing Together The past, and Why Was I Taught to Hate Myself. Hes probably done more but that's the ones Ive seen so far and well worth watching, theres no way I can explain it all but adding this Flem-Ath vid in the mix is very interesting.

Max Igan Everything is A Lie, which got the ball rolling for me...



As for the timing, well radiocarbondating has serious issues when trying to accurately place anything within a couple of thousand years and I don't know about its accuracy further back than that. Would have to look into it. Pretty much all recent history was written by a couple of guys in the 15th century, so stuff like the New Chronology by Fomenko is extremely interesting.

Saying that, I have no doubt theres been civilisations rising and falling on earth for thousands, maybe even millions of years so there will be evidence of these cycles all over the place. Anyway, accuracy of the timeline notwithstanding it makes sense that the world maps have been presented to people to reinforce the geopolitical wants of the powers that control the information. Ive always been suspect about the reasons for whole north south axis to be presented as they are. Makes sense now.

The new chronology is work by A. Fomenko who statistical analysis show that the history of the past 2000 years as we have been taught is wildly inaccurate if not 50% faked.  http://chronologia.org/en/

Playlist for the new earth you tube channel series titled "when the survivors of Atlantis wake up". (Max Igan pointed people to this, shes a bit new agey but has done some serious digging on worldwide megalithic structures. The questions she brings up about all this are mindblowing).


The New Earth Megaliths site.


Will try dig up some stuff that might be related..got my old Flem-Ath book sitting around here getting dusty, will see if that triggers anything. Hope this all makes sense, at the moment all I have is a somewhat related link fest which doesn't go into "what they are all doing in Antarctica?"...just highlights theres more going on than we realise.

From a geoengineering research perspective its highly likely that messing around with Antarctic weather influences the whole planet, and if you also dig up a whole lot of information buried down there it would be double bonus wouldn't it?

Not going into the hollow earth aspect right now, one rabbit hole at a time eh :-)

Comment by Martin Harris on September 9, 2018 at 16:25

For contrast with the "New" Antarctic vid I posted yesterday, this is the original source of the Antarctic/Atlantis Theory. Rand and Rose Flem-Ath provided the inspiration for Graham Hancock's landmark "Fingerprints of the Gods" book that re-ignited the whole alt-Archaeology scene. An important piece of history right here!

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