Forgotten Ancient Technologies - Atmospheric Electricity, Vimanas n more - p 22 / of the "Survivors"

By the way, although I discuss the topic of the historic use of Atmospheric Electricity i do NOT SUPPORT most of the other stuff you can find on this topic o...

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Comment by cats pajamas on January 11, 2019 at 15:16

Thanks for the Roch Sauquere tip off Charming Anarchist, unfortunately my basic travellers French doesn't cut the U tube mustard but Im sure I will find some stuff I can gargoyle translate.

Not really doubting anything you said to be honest... at this point we are just left debating the details of how we have been lied to about history and the various methods of impending death/destruction and reconstruction of the old world new world order. Ye Olde Illuminaty rinse and repeat cycle...LOL. Whatever the real story, Grand Tartaria (China/Russia) was wiped off the map and being rebuilt as leaders of the New World Order. Yeah I see that.

The New Earth lady is probably Russian but I don't know that shes providing any intentionally wayward information. Or Max either for that matter...theres are so few facts its a pick and mix show here in the awakening.

The age of things is a conundrum...both Carbon Dating and written history aint gonna provide much insight that's for real.

Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 11, 2019 at 7:28

I like Max and the NewEarth lady too -- despite the fact that they both fail an important litmus test, for me. 

They both do a great service by leading their audience to ask questions but their omissions are glaring.  As it pertains to TarTarie, both of them need only confer with somebody who understands Russian or and Chinese to get the truth.  The yooTubernet is filled with foreign language documentaries about the subject.  Judging by the NewEarth lady's funny accent, I have to ask:  "What is her excuse?  Why is she holding back??

Let us dive deeper into the rabbit hole.  Here is a tidbit:  the egyptian pyramids are not old.   They were built by masons only a few hundred years ago.  If you understand French, I suggest looking up a guy called Roch Sauquere on the tubernet to see what he has to say.  He examines all of the documentation that exists of the pyramids and exposes the inconsistencies. 

As for DEW being used to wipe people out on the coasts, I doubt that will happen.  It is much easier to set off a whopping-load of TNT in the ocean to create a devastating tsunami --- as was done to Fukushima --- and blame everything on God's action. 

Comment by cats pajamas on January 5, 2019 at 13:48

The Transhumanist future and impending global reset being put in place as we speak is a planned reality. I don't know that's fear porn or not Im just reporting it.

As for where the elite are going to hide out, well maybe underground bunkers in Antarctica is right and maybe going off planet is right too. Either way Im not going and even if they extended an invite Im not keen on weathering the reset with a bunch of baby eaters so it doesn't matter to me either way. 

Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 5, 2019 at 9:26

CP, forgive me if I come across condescending but I believe you are being fooled and scared by too much technological distraction.   I do not want to take away from the spirit of your suspicions.  They are all valid but we are being fed fear-porn so that we miss simpler truths. 

I suspect they are going off planet/undergound while the earth cracks up and leaving AI to deal with it so when they come back later they can start up whatever they want all over again.

They are not going far.   I will leave with this to ponder:   Antarctica is an elite bunker resort. The demons have us fenced in.  

Comment by cats pajamas on January 4, 2019 at 21:02

Yeah Im not surprised in the skeptism CA, this is something else entirely. 

To sum up the situation so far. A potted history of this whole "mud flood/Tartarian advanced technological civilisation that went missing" thing.....

An Atlantean style cataclysm occurred a couple a hundred (or so) years ago (Im thinking somewhere between what we think of as 1500 AD to 1800 AD).

It was brought about by misuse of technology by a secret cabal of demon worshipping pedophiles that used the aforementioned cataclysm to wipe out a flourishing world wide civilisation that used free energy devices and got on far too easily together which was a threat to their worship of an entity that feeds on hate and sexual abuse trauma.

They used the cataclysm to complete rewrite world history while digging it all up and starting again. All this furthered their understanding of geoengineering technology and mind control when they unearthed even deeper and more ancient layers in the middle east. (The cataclysm not only covered up stuff but also UNEARTHED a heap of previously buried stuff too).

This all brings us to this point right now where they are about to do the whole thing all over again.

Except THIS TIME ROUND they have figured out how to build a complete earth wide electronic prison which will be monitored by artificial intelligence after this impending worldwide technological apocalypse is over. The virtual prison they are building will be populated by a race of transhuman cyborgs via cloning technology and nano/smart dust (we are halfway there already with the shit we are breathing in from the chemtrails).

All of this carried out so THIS TIME ROUND the people who are left will be so messed up they wont remember anything about being human and will provide a permanent baby/human cloned meat farm and slave labour for the blood drinking vampire elite who are on a quest for immortality to circumvent all their accumulated seriously shitty karma.

I suspect they are going off planet/undergound while the earth cracks up and leaving AI to deal with it so when they come back later they can start up whatever they want all over again.

Creepiest thing is I doubt there will be any evidence left of the current glass and steel construction we see in this current era. With the technology that brought down the twin towers all the (SMART) cities will be zapped to dust and quite likely its only the ancient megalithic structures will survive.

"'Mudlantia" as Ive come to think of it was just a stepping stone in this journey...its sinister alright. A massive PSYOP is underway and by my understanding its one of the last pieces of the puzzle that they have left us to ponder.

Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 4, 2019 at 5:23

I find this fascinating and but I am skeptical.  Most of what is being presumed as a consequence of a mud-flood appears more like a consequence installing city sewage systems.  Roads were built on top of the sewers. 

However, I am even more cynical.  I believe that sewage is not the only thing that had to be cleared out.  Dead bodies had to be cleared out too.  We are seeing a tiny snippet of the consequences of war-fare and genocide. 

There sure is a massive effort underway to destroy middle eastern history.

Indeed but the tentacles extend throughout the face of the earth. 

The recent mud-flood fad is a psyop distraction from the suppression of much more sinister history.  I realize that may rub some folks the wrong way but that is the way I see things. 

Comment by cats pajamas on January 2, 2019 at 16:51

Related on the "mud flood". Mud flood, dirt rain and the story of the buried buidlings KorbenDallas 4/5/2018


(Read Novermber 18 1903)

"REMARKABLE falls of dust from the atmosphere were observed in various parts of Europe in the spring of three consecutive years 1901, 1902, 1903 and have formed the subject of investigation in several countries".

The PDF appears to be from the turn of the century where as the "mud flood" appears to have happened earlier possibly 1850s...unless the PDF date is wrong of course.

At this stage its best to assume nothing is concrete about these dates but the red coloured dust falling from the sky in 3 consecutive years...what the FU!!!? Its like the plot from the War of the Worlds (fake alien invasion AKA Project Bluebeam).

Comment by cats pajamas on January 2, 2019 at 13:28

Comment by cats pajamas on January 2, 2019 at 13:22

This is the CIA declassified document, only a couple of paragraphs on the rewriting of history of the Tartarian empire (about page 10). But some very interesting reading on the Russian use and abuse of Muslims and Islam. Turns out they weren't the only rulers initially happy with Islam because of its suppression of women...

We are on the verge of another historical reset.


Comment by cats pajamas on December 26, 2018 at 14:46

There sure is a massive effort underway to destroy middle eastern history. But then some say we (in the west) got much of our technology from the Moors who got all their info from Ancient India, so around the information Ouroborus we go.

Would love to know the real history of Palmyra...

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