The nuances of the GHWB Funeral - the Main Players - Early Cordiality - or Not - and the Receipt by 5 Couples of a Specially Served Envelope: drphrog@seethin...

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Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 9, 2019 at 3:05
Watch this video:
His job is to keep the Trump fan-base calm and obedient. This is the poorest psyop I have ever encountered. It is embarrassing.

The guy can barely read. Somebody is obviously feeding him a script. Where does he get his secret information? Who is telling him what to say? Does he come across as a learned man capable of doing his own research? Does he come across as a man with whom secret information can be trusted??

He fails several litmus tests, in my opinion. Judge for yourself.
I will start with the obvious: Q is fake news psyop. Anybody who endorses Q is either a fool or part of the psyop.
The same goes with every name (Griffin, et al) he mentions is controlled oppostion.

I sort-of want to believe everything this guy says is true. This Martial Law JohnStone messes it all up. I conclude that he is spreading disinforation.

As for the enveloppes, we were fed a theater production. The public's reaction was pre-programmed. We saw what somebody wanted us to see. So it is with 99% of what the media stooges feed us.
Comment by Martin Harris on January 8, 2019 at 20:12

Perhaps you can exercise your reverse arguments of authority in order to share with us the sense you make out of this confusing presentation, Charming Anarchist?

I'd prefer you used sensible skepticism, but use ridiculous skepticism if you must

Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 8, 2019 at 7:18
This theatrical performance is confusing. The only way that I can make sense out of this presentation is by being ridiculously skeptical with reverse arguments of authority.

I believe the opposite of whatever Law JohnsTone tells us to believe.

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