Medicinal cannabis testimony, in rhyme

A car door slams. Three men in blue walk up to my door.
They say 'Redwood, you got a right to remain silent.'
I say 'I'm not very good at that, especially when you practice such violence...
to my Medicine Woman.'

Since the NZ Police visited my home in 2015, my personal activism has been focused on legalising cannabis in Aotearoa New Zealand. Here are some snippets of my story...

Court case
Redwood Reider
Published on May 8, 2018
I only had 5 minutes to tell MPs how to fix the proposed medicinal cannabis law. So I wrote them a poem.
poetic testimony at the Health Select Committee, NZ Parliament, April 2018:
To support my activism & receive poetic rewards:

For more go to Redwoods website

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For more go to Redwoods website

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