Nikola Tesla’s LOST Nikola Tesla Anti Gravity Technology Papers and The Ether

Narrated and Created by: Gary Lite

As explained by Tesla himself, the Earth is “…like a charged metal ball moving through space”, which creates the enormous, rapidly varying electrostatic forces which diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from Earth, just like gravity. Since the direction of propagation radiates from the earth, the so-called force of gravity is toward earth.

We all know that Nikola Tesla was a man far ahead of his time. Tesla envisioned a future on planet Earth where free energy was available for everyone, but his ideas and inventions went far beyond electricity, and energy.

If it wasn’t for Tesla, we’d probably still have no idea about Radio, Television, AC electricity, Tesla coil, Fluorescent lighting, Neon lighting, Radio control devices, Robotics, X-rays, Radar, Microwaves and dozens of other amazing inventions.

William R. Lyne, a Tesla ‘scholar’ and author of the book “Occult Ether Physics”, states that among the manuscripts found in the scientist’s house were numerous notes on antigravity.

In his book, Lyne says that Tesla spent the last years of his life collecting information on a revolutionary propulsion system that would use the ether’s force to mobilize objects. The writer based his theory on the last lectures given by Tesla, in which he spoke of his latest discoveries, capable of changing all the conceptions related to physics known by man.

Curiously, Tesla’s latest patent, filed in 1928, (#6,555,114) was that for a flying machine that resembled both a helicopter and an airplane. This vehicle used a revolutionary propulsion system that would have changed everything we knew about flight.

Lyne details in his book that during a lecture for the Institute of Immigrant Welfare, Tesla mentioned his Dynamic Theory of Gravity, and that this was: “One of two far-reaching discoveries, which I worked out in all details in the years 1893 and 1894.”

The Dynamic Theory of Gravity–assumed a field of force which accounts for the motions of bodies in space; assumption of this field of force dispenses with the concept of space curvature (ala Einstein); the ether has an indispensable function in the phenomena (of universal gravity, inertia, momentum, and movement of heavenly bodies, as well as all atomic and molecular matter).

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Comment by rose on March 10, 2018 at 7:51

Well Paul, today it is Elon Musk leading the way with Tesla's technology, even calling himself/corporation Tesla (which is kind of disturbing).  Musk will put space stations and man on Mars, he is already responsible for firing up wifry in space. He will load our moon with high tech. He will build space stations and become one of the worlds Trillionairs.  Musk will become one of the most formidable powers and not just on this planet.  He will be a formidable enemy to those that expose him.

Comment by Paul on March 10, 2018 at 1:06

Intersting read and I jus wonder if this technology was around in the time of Mr Tesla, how would it look and operate today and who might be leading this field of technology,,, 

Comment by Elana Freeland on March 9, 2018 at 13:25
Gary Lite mentions an old friend of mine, Bill Lyne (pronounced Line, not Lynn), who wrote the book Occult Ether Physics (edited by another old friend Diana Thatcher). We all lived in Santa Fe when Clifford and Carol Carnicom were still there, and we were all friends.
The REAL gravity. The Luminiferous Æther (I discuss ether in Chapter 2 of

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