REDWOOD - 1080 poem - from Takaka to Tepapa - Aotearoa, New Zealand.

1080 poem by Redwood Reider, music by Trillion. "free Aotearoa from this toxic technocracy turmoil & persistent poisonous pollution!"

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Comment by rose on July 3, 2012 at 9:32

Jennifer - thanks for this information. Warning bells going off loudly here!  Total control of livestock and then to wake up that we are also their livestock!

They blame the Pukeko for carrying TB here also but there would be a public rage if they were being visibly slaughtered. I don't know any farmer that culls the Pukeko from his land but show knows in this twisted world?

We have all read many horrors where 'skin tests' were involved - make you wonder about the practice.

TB is very similar in make up to Crohn's disease and more and more evidence is coming out to suggest Crohn's disease has come from vaccine - MMR to be exact. Dr Andrew Wakefield who was my own specialist for

Crohn's disease - Wakefield has been demonised for his claims and his research has been attacked of course.

 Today I am one of the few  folk that is completely unmediated for Crohn's disease. Interestingly Crohn's  is also similar (in make up not symptoms) to AIDS which MEREK were reported to spread via vaccine through 

So if Crohn's disease and AIDS were spread via vaccines... why would TB be any different?

Dark days

Comment by Jennifer Goddard on July 3, 2012 at 8:40

Possums carrying TB?

We get told in the UK that it  it is Badgers that spread TB

I really am skeptical about what the "scientists" are telling us...

How do WE KNOW, its true?

The vets go around all the UK farms to test the cows etc, if they react to the vaccine, they have TB and have to be distroyed, I think this is a ploy by Governments to control the live stock on farms and limit the amount of animals, after all they cannot have you being total independant and producing an abundance.

Even if your keeping cattle for no other reason than keeping the grass down, the vets turn up, 4 at a time for testing, all have to be paid for by the farmer and it is not cheap, a good life style for the vets, The animals get very agitated and sometimes panic, any that escape can be shot...

Badgers have to be gassed to control the TB,, so we are told.... But being a thinker, any animal can react to the vaccine just like a human, it does not mean that they carry TB, I personally would have all my animals tested independently to a Government sent vet....without saying TB, and then keep the record for the next official visit.

This is from Defra the offical site

The latest data relates to March 2012.

The key points in the latest statistical release, relating to March 2012,  are:

  • These statistics show an unusually high number of herd and cattle tests undertaken in March 2012. Additional analysis has been undertaken on these figures to verify that they are correct. The majority of bTB tests are completed on a Thursday or a Friday. This is because there is 72 hours between the start of a skin test when the tuberculin is injected into the cattle, and when the animal is inspected for a reaction at the completion of the test. This means that bTB skin tests are more often started on a Monday or Tuesday, and then completed 72 hours later on the Thursday or Friday. The significance of this in relation to the March 2012 test statistics, is that there were five Thursdays and Fridays in this month. This coupled with March being within the seasonal peak bTB testing period, and favourable weather conditions in March 2012, has resulted in the higher than usual number of tests recorded.
  • The provisional March 2012 incidence rate is 3.6%, compared to 4.1% in March 2011. However, care needs to be taken not to read too much into short term figures, especially as this figure includes a number of unclassified incidents. As such, the incidence rates are subject to further revisions as more tests and their results for the period are input.
  • The number of new herd incidents during the period January to March 2012 was 1,573 compared to 1,485 for January to March 2011. The number of tests on officially TB free herds was 24,841 in January to March 2012, compared to 20,666 in January to March 2011.
  • The number of cattle compulsorily slaughtered as reactors or direct contacts was 9,422 in January to March 2012, compared to 9,398 in January to March 2011.

Coverage: GB



Comment by rose on July 3, 2012 at 8:34

hard talk interview in under 30 secs

Comment by rose on July 3, 2012 at 8:14

Fracking been going on 20 years in Taranaki

They drop enough 1080 poison on NZ to kill the entire population 

Redwood Rider is my hero.  Her poem has been posted and featured on this site at least twice.

Nelson has an amazing chemtrail activist groups also and thank you to all of the groups making a difference.


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