They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us

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Published on May 5, 2018
They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us

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Comment by US Rose on May 8, 2018 at 22:22
Thank you Rose. I know it's too late for me ...FB has what it has on me already. Even if I cancelled my account I doubt they would stop collecting data on me since they appear to be collecting data on people who don't even have profiles.
The hearings in front of congress were such a farce and have made many angry either because of Zuck evading questions, lying or even because of the fact he was not under oath. He's got Congress in his pocket.
I have a feeling FB will die out - there are other small block chain sites out there now. They will grow. What will happen to all of the data FB has collected or others have harvested is anyone's guess.
It's a sad and maddening situation.
Comment by rose on May 8, 2018 at 9:04
Thanks Rose - I posted that on the video file
Facebook is a Hotbed for Illegal Harvesting of Information (VIDEO)

Author: Luis Miranda

(The Real Agenda News) Facebook wants and has more information from you than your friends’ list or your geolocation. The controversy that is revolving around Facebook does not stop, at least not completely. When Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate, many facts and doubts came to light. This is one of the reasons why the platform decided to ...
Comment by US Rose on May 6, 2018 at 22:29
Social media (SM), no matter what platform, has the potential for abuse of the general public. Everyone should be aware of this - unfortunately most aren't. I cancelled my Twitter account a while back and don't miss it. Yes I have a smart phone and use it mainly to stay in touch with a relatively few people that live far from me. I rarely post on FB anymore and only scan through notifications just to see if there is something 'important." Gave up on looking at my news feed a while back, tired of being manipulated by advertising & propaganda algorithms. Would have left FB entirely if not for FB messenger and the occasional friend from my school days that I get to re-connect with.
Everyone's comments here so far have valid points. On one hand SM is manipulative. On the other hand some SM sites are helpful. It's how consumers use them that's important. The most I can do is inform people.

Here's a short (8 min) video that is really good to share that came out a few days ago citing a study and summarizing the cognitive impairment being seen with smartphones and social media (hope this link works):
In case the link doesn't work it's a YT video called "Smartphone Addiction & Cognitive Impairment" by Computing Forever posted May 3rd.
Comment by WyomingObserver on May 6, 2018 at 13:35
So true. People post things for validation. Some friends I see posting about every five minutes. I assume there is a problem there.
Comment by clyde wainwright on May 6, 2018 at 12:08
Joan Mootry; Facebook is currently the biggest threat to democracy. While I agree with everything you say about the MSM we need to realise facebook is in fact brainwashing 2.0 and while you may think you have access to share information with whomever you want , in reality you are likely, as with this site, simply preaching to the already converted.Facebooks main source of revenue is targeted advertising. The whole concept of 'Russian interference' in the US election underlines how the authorites believe it is so easy to influence opinion through social media, except it definitely wasn't only the Russians involved in this.
Prior to New Zealands and the US elections virtually all mainstream news publications online had a comments section where anyone could comment however in the lead up to the election all mainstream publications 'temporarily' suspended the public comments sections, ( ALL OF THEM) and they have not been reinstated.
A recent Uncensored(NZ) magazine has a very informative article explaining in depth how Facebook(in the authors opinion)if left unchecked will within a decade, see the end of democracy as we know it. The targeted advertising is only part of it,your response to meme's and other targeted 'stories' is all recorded and you are being profiled and categorised. Upon a cursory read this seemed alarmist but for any conspiracy analyst(theorists wear tin foil hats)this is well worth the read. Will post a link for you when I find it.
Comment by Joan Mootry on May 6, 2018 at 10:14

Despite all the negativity surrounding social media, I and others have found it to be an outstanding venue for learning and sharing information that is not readily available anywhere else. There are many, many social media activists like me who are seriously blitzing the planet with truth about government, medicine, wi-fi, our monetary and educational name it, we search it out and give it legs. This includes much of what I see on The Contrail regarding geoengineering and all the other important topics that are shared herein which I pass on to others on social media. I think there is a tendency for some to be myopic and even pompous when it comes to judging those of us who use social media. We're not all simply gossiping and sharing recipes. Nor are we controlled by personal accolades/feedback. Most importantly, we are not glued to mainstream media, allowing ourselves to be mind controlled 24/7. Those are the people who need to be encouraged to transfer to social media, not to be warned of its so-called nefarious dangers! Therein they could learn the truth about their own brainwashing by media, about their corrupt government and its endless wars, their fraudulent money system, the dangers of vaccines and all of the other helpful information and sources that are abundant on social media from people like me. This reality deserves a much closer look. It's easy for persons to criticize something that they haven't personally experienced because of some kind of a biased concept that is simply based on cursory observation and buttressed by disdain for what they consider common behavior. Social media detractors need to be careful about condemning something that may very well deserve their support.

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