Tom Quiggin, court certified security expert, Trudeau is illegally funding Islamic terror 4K

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Comment by Charming Anarchist on January 11, 2019 at 6:47

This guy deserves praise for speaking out.  He said something that does not get said often enough:  the open borders/glow-bullization leads to war among neighborhoods.  That is exactly what the glow-bullizers want.  They want us to kill ourselves off while they watch before sending in the clean up crew.  Divide, conquer, rinse and repeat.

If I interviewed him, I would ask:  "So.... are you ready to publicly identify more names?

Quiggin does a slight disservice by leading the audience to point the finger at Pierre Elliot's son.  The prime minister is just a puppet whose job is to take the blame and distract attention away from the responsible parties.  Trudeau is not spending his own money on any of this nonsense. 

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