Why Earth’s Winds are Changing with Tornadoes, Waterspouts & Plasma Lightning Intensifying (349)

As our Earths weather systems descend further into uncertainty of season and temperature where there are sudden freezes, three seasons in a week, this video explains why our planet's cloud systems are moving and why high wind and electrical storms will intensify from this point forward. The wavelength of the jet stream will shorten where arctic air masses will push to 15 N latitude. This is all brought on by the Suns electrical effect on our Earth and weakening magnetosphere. I personally feel this is one of the most important video I have done in the last two years in terms of explaining the changes and allowing you the viewer to see the future so you can prepare for what is coming.

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Comment by Vinyl Lady on April 28, 2017 at 2:40

Hi Grant: My daughter is 35 and I didn't begin to realize the truth about 

our reality until she was in her early 20's.  I can't imagine what she thought

the first few years.  It was a strange time. I always felt bad about the Santa

lie.  There was a man who worked as our local Santa.  He really looked the

part and every year would be employed by the community attraction, "Santa's Village".

One spring when she was 4 or 5, we stopped for gas and she came running

over to me with great excitement in her eyes "Mom!  Santa works here!" 

Indeed the gentleman who was pumping our gas was the same man with

the snow white beard and twinkling blue eyes. Shortly  thereafter I folded

like a cheap suit and attempted to mitigate our deception with the "Spirit

of Giving" speech....LOL. Most genuine human beings abhor deception and

those little lies we are encouraged to spread all wrapped up in smiles

and winks seem unkind at best and downright wrong.

Whatever is going on in our reality is clothed in so much deception, it's

difficult to get a grip!  Indicators of how the economies are doing...how

the environment is doing, etc....all suggest a slow train wreck for sure.

It feels accurate that the worst is still some time out. As some researchers

suggest, the position of the stars may herald the changes in our world.

The preoccupation with the heavens demonstrated by the

ancient megalithic structures seem to indicate this. Ancient civilizations

also have the common story of a god, represented by a planet, who

rules earth then fades away.  I just don't know!  Hopefully it's true that:

"Truth is like a lion.  You don't have to defend it.  Just turn it loose."

Now if we can only determine what the truth is, exactly.

Love your comments

Comment by Grant Scofield on April 26, 2017 at 21:56

Hi Vinyl Lady

I agree with all your comments.

I have a 16 year old daughter that I try to encourage to keep an open mind.

She is the age where she accepts everything taught at school ....we have some interesting discussions....it will be interesting to see what she does for a job.

I think we lost a lot of credibility when we admitted that it was just the spirit of Santa Claus that exists now (sometimes) :)


Comment by Grant Scofield on April 26, 2017 at 21:18

Hey Cats P 

The more extreme the positive and negative the more opportunity for learning and experiencing by us all I think - perhaps the faster the spiritual vibrational quickening..

I agree re Nibiru timeframes - someone described it as a slow train wreck !

I think we may have a couple of years (or much more) before the worst is here.

I dont think Nibiru has been brought up early to create fear - too few people know about it - more likely to discredit it in my opinion

Yes - very deep for a midday session 

Comment by Vinyl Lady on April 26, 2017 at 14:16

I hesitate to suggest it....but as we contemplate the strangeness

of the skies above, we don't realize how much information we are

accepting as true that comes from NASA as well as our system of

"education". If we contemplate the shape of the earth, 

and how it really works, then so much of the fear based

information changes completely.

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered

than answers that can't be questioned." ...Richard Feynman, Physicist 

Comment by cats pajamas on April 26, 2017 at 12:51

Pretty much on the same page Grant S...

And theres plenty of us out there that had visions long ago of whats coming into play right now.

But with the weirdness of shifting timelines added, which I'm "kinda sorta" coming to grips with. The tech we see used against us and our earth mother appears to be keeping us on a time line of destruction, but if you are into multiverse-multidimensions theres so much more going on.

The natural energy shift has brought some very positive and very negative things to the surface. I guess that's the nature of the current dualistic reality here right now. 

Wow... that was deep for Wednesday lunchtime .

Nibiru tho, hmmm I pretty sure its much later than sooner. Sometimes I wonder if the "Nibiru line" got brought out early on to keep us in fear and stall the energy.

Comment by Grant Scofield on April 25, 2017 at 21:56

I remember reading somewhere recently - if the Nibiru conspiracy theory is true, the rest don't matter (almost).

I agree with you too that it is better to be with those who represent the spiritual future of the world (in the wider sense of the word).

FYI - over my whole life I have had a number of experiences that make me aware of the bigger essence of live than just our physical presence here.

I believe that the nature of man is such that eventually those of lower values will gain more and more power, and it is therefor necessary to have a reset button for the world, and potentially Nibiru is that reset button.

The history books (not those readily available) show it has been here before - and will be here again after this time - assuming it happens :)

I also believe in reincarnation so I don't really believe that billions get killed - just recycled - eventually - to put it crudely

Nothing to fear ... 

Comment by cats pajamas on April 25, 2017 at 18:29

Is true we are kept in the dark and fed on BS...this ones fun..."The Great Attractor"


Anyway lots of its fear mongering, if we are headed for a collision with brown dwarf/black hole/or fake alien invasion there wont be much we can do until something actually happens.

No harm in asking and being a bit prepared...  though in the face of some inevitable apocalypse I'd rather stick it out up here and meet my maker than ride it out in a bunker with a bunch of elite pedophiles.   

The list of changes going on that Grant Scofield posted there, well some of that could be down to the weakening magnetic shield of earth as we go into the solar minimum, with rapidly shifting magnetic poles.

Coinciding with a massive upscaling in chemtrailing/HAARP and the electromagnetic grid rollout for whatever seismic and activity they want to trigger manually....taking advantage of the current electromagnetic conditions.

All part of the NWO...cause chaos by accelerating the natural changes already underway...hopefully knock off a few million useless eaters in the process...(especially in the west)...then step back in and take control of a frightened and subdued population.

And blame it on something else, tis how they roll.

Comment by Grant Scofield on April 25, 2017 at 15:46

Martin you are right - there have been so many predictions that have proved false, it is enough to make most people think it is a hoax. For those that have spent a long time looking at this, some of the information can be identified immediately as misinformation, we will assume innocently, and some as disinformation.

If I say it will rain tomorrow and 1000 say it won't, and then then it doesn't rain tomorrow, it doesn't mean it will never rain.

The difference is that we have seen it rain before in our lives so we know it does rain sometimes. When something only happens between every 1000 and 100,000 years, we haven't personally experienced it before so it is harder to believe it will happen.

Assuming that the Nibiru system exists etc, government will not tell us until (if at all) just before it is visible. To do otherwise would be to cause chaos and anarchy and substantial loss of life before it would happen by Nibiru's passing. I don't blame them for that - it is a hard call but somebody has to make it.

Only the government and major corporations have the resources to finance the equipment that is needed to find a brown dwarf star. I personally don't think most of the photos floating around are valid - although there are some things that are able to be confirmed such as

- massive increases in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods 

- inconsistencies in the orbits of bodies in our solar system that "must" be caused by the presence of another body

- other changes in the bodies in our solar system 

-massive underground living environments being built

- the loss of trillions of dollars from the American military budget

- reputable people who have come out and said it exists

- USA not caring about the debt they are creating (because they know they wont have to pay it back)

- Many ancient cultures have recorded the passing off something in the sky and the massive negative effect

- USA government agencies shifting to the interior of the US away from the shoreline

- sun rising in a different place

If one is interested in this, we cant just look for 1 source of info - we need to look at many things and see a pattern and then the theory needs to fit all the available data (assuming that it is related).

I don't know if it is real or not. I am making some basic survival preparations for multiple potential scenarios, but carrying on with my life as normal.

Given I know nobody in authority will confirm this, I am looking for other things that will cumulatively indicate the time is nearing (if at all) eg

1) Further increases in severe quakes, floods, volcanic activity

2) Further increases in fireballs

3) Further changes in the weather

4) Unusual changes elsewhere in the solar system

5) Unusual changes in government actions

6) Potentially events (like wars) that may be started to keep peoples minds on other issues.

ie looking for patterns to substantiate this rather than 1 source.

There are a few people who have pulled all this info together much better than I ever could - Gill Broussard is one of them (who stumbled across some information in ...China I think...where almost everybody would not have access to it - it wasnt in the public domain)

That's my penny's worth anyway :)


Comment by Vinyl Lady on April 25, 2017 at 13:39

There's so much, Cat...not sure where to start.  There's talk of a sun simulator

like this one.  If you look at the videos listed at the right of that one, you'll see

so much stuff.  It's hard to know what to think.  There are many images

captured by cell phone cameras that are coming in from around the world.

I agree...there is so much crap in the sky it's most likely already a plasma

screen atmosphere. Feels like we are getting set up for either an alien 

invasion scenario or an apocalypse complete with the god of your choosing.

It's SO bizarre!

Comment by cats pajamas on April 25, 2017 at 13:28

Right now I'm really really careful about anything people are photographing in the sky. The chemtrails have been intense for so long it makes me wonder how long before the whole sky becomes a plasma screen.

But yes VL..good to be aware that its exciting to live in an era of drastic change, even though some of it seems a lil scary right now.

Got any links Vinyl Lady?

You know how we like to dissect things here......

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