Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom on-ride 4K POV Six Flags Great Adventure

Standing 415 feet (126m) tall and reaching speeds up to 90 mph (145 km/h), Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is the world's tallest and fastest drop tower. The free fall attraction is attached to Kingda Ka, the world's tallest roller coaster, and on clear days riders can see Philadelphia's skyline some 52 miles (84 km) away.

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Comment by cats pajamas on June 6, 2017 at 20:29

Yes Vinyl Lady I've been thinking similar since my last posts on this thread. Its been cathartic for me on a personal level and as I write these things out a lot of mental processes shift. Hopefully that happens for others too.

I find Nyms discussion has become psychotherapy by proxy.

Good to get this passionate angst out, if a balanced heart & mind is whats required to bring this crazy system down then we are doing OK.

How many times did I say I wasn't going to post on here again?! LOL

Comment by Vinyl Lady on June 6, 2017 at 3:07
Many have attempted to disapprove and debunk the flat earth idea. Their journeys all share an amazing similarity. When one comes into realization of the problems associated with the globe earth model, a shift occurs. This is a shift in mind which flowers at the very base of consciousness. It changes everything and is as horrifying as it is liberating. Regardless of the shape of the earth, it is this journey into liberation which is significant.
It is precisely this type of mental journey that identifies and clarifies the existence and nature of the forces that work against humanity. This is a mental journey which allows us to except the mind boggling realities of issues such as Chemtrails, GMO's, microwaves, etc, etc. it is indeed horrifying to see so many who cannot take even a single step into this realm.
However these processes of opening the mind to all possibilities occur in stages. That is why this forum is so precious and important.
Comment by Martin Harris on June 4, 2017 at 13:03

 "Its horrible to watch good people using their valuable time and energy drawn into an unsolvable debate, when we need to be finding a way to combat the forces against us. And THAT is exactly what a Psychological Operation is for."

Cat's PJs comment.

Sums it up.

Comment by Laila on June 4, 2017 at 11:57

I have also read many hundreds of books, ancient aswell as new, as the internet can be a crazy place! I did read all your comments and I do appreciate what you have said, Cats Pyjamas, and in the spirit of 'eyes open' there is much about the real history of this planet that is unknown and my insatiable need to know the truth has lead to some amazing finds, this being just one of them. It all connects though! And I am not crazy, just intensely curious and I try to be open minded so this has been a fascinating experience to realise I was not as open as I thought. But we all have our own way of thinking which is just as it should be. I see this subject frustrates people but thanks for your input to this conversation too.  Most people don't want to hear that no one has been to the moon either. All in the spirit of fun and truth finding.  I still can't find a photo of planet Earth from outer space that is not a CGI image though. Why?

Comment by cats pajamas on June 4, 2017 at 1:00

Sorry Laila, seems you didn't read my posts as they were intended to be read. I left a lot of hints to where my knowledge comes from so will leave it at that.

All the best hunting for the truth on the internet. 

Comment by Laila on June 3, 2017 at 15:27

Cats Pyjamas. you are assuming that those looking at flat Earth are not knowledgeable about all the other things going on at this time. That is a bit judgemental don't you think. Most people I know don't believe any of the rest of what you mentioned either. To me, knowledge is everything. There is not much that I miss that's going on, but seems that Flat Earth is way more fascinating than I thought. I never spoke of it til I had done enough research to come to some conclusion. It took a year of research.

Comment by Nym on June 2, 2017 at 15:41

Retired US Air Force Navigator talks about Flat Earth - SW39 - Mark Sargent 

2hr podcast.

Comment by cats pajamas on June 1, 2017 at 22:49

Cool, VL. I have a friend who is going through the same thing with FE, it brought him to new understandings of The Matrix but also sent him off the same well worn path of confusion.

My spiritual view is East meets West, a combined love of Christian Angels, Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga and a bit of New Age crystal gazing thrown in. Recently been reading Paramahansa Yogananda on the years Christ spent in the East. Apparently there are ancient records of this and it explains why the true metaphysical Christ Consciousness aligns with the Vedas. Interesting stuff that has been banished from view by the controllers.

This is relevant to topic, ancients of India had their flying Vimanas and the Swamis really do levitate so figure that with Newtonian Physics. No surprise we can't come up with decent explanations for natural phenomena using "modern" science.

I understand much of the modern covert tech is in some part based on translations of ancient eastern writings. We not only pinched their philosophies but their ancient technology as well. No doubt Hitler and the Thule Society weren't just hanging out in Tibet for the esoterics but looking for technological secrets (Operation Paperclip anyone?). Theres also some link there with whatever survived the Atlantean Era, the high technology of Ancient Egypt and the Vatican Library. 

I believe there was a whole covert race to find many ancient secrets around WW2. Theres this British ex Special Op guy John Urwin who came out on Miles Johnston couple years ago and talks about how he was mind controlled in covert ops to retrieve ancient artifacts from the Middle East in the 50s. I would love to get his book, checks out completely with what I heard. His recent interview on Veritas Radio here.


What I'm getting to is that SO MUCH information has been kept from people that its a walk in the park for them to constantly manipulate every single thing we think. When it comes to the science and psyops, we are playing chequers while they are playing chess.

I came to alt media looking for antidotes to the madness and lies but since the Trump/Killary routine (possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen) I've realised the internet has been sorely compromised.

Not to say it cant be undone, the divide and conquer wont work if we align with the heart vibe regardless of individual spiritual path. By the term "aligning with the heart vibe" I'm not ruling out the effectiveness of few stray bullets through the Federal Reserve. (LOL) 

We think we are all victims in this current world scenario but the black magicians running it understand the metaphysics that we co-create reality with the god-force. Apparently the Spiritual Armageddon is internally driven and the exposure of our collective darkness projected into the world stage is what we are seeing manifest right now. They are playing that card at every turn, making sure we stay in confusion and conflict. Hating on this faction or that faction and blaming this group or that group or some other group instead of getting together and finding inner peace and the resulting external solutions.

The biggest Psyop of all time. I'd say its time to crack that one open ;-)

OK Rant over.  Past few weeks I've got real clarity on exactly how they are twisting things up in the "Truth media". Writing this out was the tip of the iceberg but it really helps.

The Gratitude clip...exactly! 

Comment by Vinyl Lady on June 1, 2017 at 4:09

Wow, Cat....GREAT comments.  

The main importance of the FE discussion (for me) was to come to a new realization of the depth and breadth of the layers of control over humanity through out the centuries. I knew it was intense....but had NO IDEA.  

It isn't that there are some deceptions. Everything is mired in deception. Now when we have a discussion about FE amongst friends, it always comes down to your well worded comment:

Nobody will ever figure out any of this with the usual physics because the model is completely outdated, hence a never ending cycle of debate.

The FE research brought me to the Rig Veda and the Upanishads which brings us to simple practices like opening the heart using breath. It seems to always come back to the open heart to dwell in the higher vibratory aspects of reality. It seems to be our best response to the wave of darkness with which all of humanity must contend.

We can shape our own reality RIGHT NOW....and when the world gets too difficult or overwhelming all we need to do is allow ourselves to be reminded in a manner that touches our hearts and supports our fundamental wisdom:

like this:


Comment by cats pajamas on May 31, 2017 at 19:38

I know I said I wouldn't post on this again but I see that the hints I dropped in my comments were too subtle and didn't reveal my hand clearly. Trouble is, all I can do is hint and even then the backlash behind the scenes makes it difficult. Anyone can log in and read my posts and there is no true security in the digital, physical... or astral worlds.

Yes Clyde and everyone else here, I do know the science doesn't add up for the spinning ball model. It doesn't add up for the flat earth model either. As I mentioned previously the deep level science (used by covert military) is radically ahead of the models we know from the mainstream university system.

Nobody will ever figure out any of this with the usual physics because the model is completely outdated, hence a never ending cycle of debate.

As for my comments on the Psyop aspect of Flat Earth Theory, I said that (and everything else in my posts here), because ALL OF IT was explained to me in the 70s and 80s. Everything that is going on right now politically culturally, the Space Fence and a whole lot of other stuff to boot. AND the way F.E. would be inserted into the internet as one of the many divide and conquer techniques. 

At the end of the day all that coming on Alt media sites has really done for me, is restore parts of my memory that had been blanked over. None of what I said is based on speculation drawn from other research, though by looking at that stuff the past few years I actually managed to deprogram and restore many of the black spots.

The Silent Psychological Operation underway right now is the reprogramming of minds that had woken up and come to the internet looking for answers. The infiltration of "truth media" is working as planned, to divert peoples attention away from finding solutions to the tidal wave of insanity they are about to unleash on us.

That's why I finally commented on this thread. Its horrible to watch good people using their valuable time and energy drawn into an unsolvable debate, when we need to be finding a way to combat the forces against us. And THAT is exactly what a Psychological Operation is for.

The internet is full of great stuff, I hope you all find something that opens your hearts and minds. If you knew how much they fear an open hearted brother/sisterhood of humanity you would be shocked. Might be a fools hope but its the only one I see I can help with so instead of tilting at windmills I'm off too focus on that for a while.

You know ..."They" absolutely HATE all that Peace on Earth hippy trippy stuff so I will finish with this, May you all be Blessed with contacting your True Divinity and bring Eternal Peace On Earth. 

Om Shanti, over n out.

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